End of SBC

For the past 10 weeks, wow it’s been 10 weeks, anyways. For the past ten weeks our class has been participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. Every week there is a different topic and different ways to complete that week’s task. This will be my final SBC Post, and will reflect on my experience with this and all that I learned. 

One thing I learned throughout this experience was how many classes around the world blog. I never really thought of blogging as a school thing until PLP, but still, I thought we were weird. Now, I see that tons of people all around the world blog for school!

My favourite post was the Your Choice Post. I had a lot of fun animating my story about Gerald and Norbert. The story really developed as I went along which was cool. First, it was going to be a story about 3 elephants needing to cross a bridge. Then, it was one elephant who blew the troll down into the gorge to get across. Next, I decided it would be a love story. Because of that, I didn’t want Gerald to be cruel. So he apologized when he moved the troll. All Gerald wanted to do was to be on time for his date with Norbert!

I think the coolest part of the challenge was being able to connect with people from around the world. I visited blogs from tons of different countries, and people did the same to me! (Most of the visits  from Canada are me because every time I have to make a post I have to visit my site)

This was an interesting blip in the timeline of my life, and I’m curios to see if we’ll be doing the next one.

Week 9 of the Student Blogging Challenge

This week’s Student Blogging Challenge was all about coding. Now, I didn’t know much about code other than the stuff we did on Swift Playgrounds in Grade 8. This was super fun, so I did all the challenges!

The First Challenge was about posting a comment for Alex. Alex is a coder who works for Incsub. He is visually impaired, and works with having sites readable for visually impaired individuals. I think it’s really cool how he hasn’t let anything get in his way of achieving his goal. This was my comment.

Fingers crossed for a response! I’ll update this if I get one.

The next thingamajig I did was the Hour of Code activity. In this, we pretty much went on this website and did a coding activity. I decided to do the flappy birds one, because I thought it looked cool.

This one was pretty easy to understand, easy enough that I got it right away. You had to have commands and stuff. It was pretty cool.

In the end, I got to code my own Flappy Birds game! Try it out!

I also got a certificate, which was pretty awsome.

The final task was to do some HTML coding. So, I decided to manually make links for this post!

Usually, I would just select the text, press link, and put in the URL. What I did this time was more time consuming, but was a lot more fun. I used the cheat sheet from the SBC challenge to help me out.

Yup, it was very time consuming. But now, if something ever happens to thiw website, I’ll know what to do. Until then, I think I’m gonna stick with the link button!

Santa Goes Skydiving!

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays! It is soon the time for Christmas, Hanukkah and many others. My mom’s favourite holiday is solstice, on December 21st, but we still celebrate Christmas. For this week’s challenge, I decided to find a holiday game and write a review for it. The first game was Santa Map Dive on Google Santa Tracker!


This was a really fun game. The objective was clear, and it was very holiday based. It was cool having control of Santa, who resides over this holiday. What was really annoying was that the controls weren’t great, so moving Santa was extremely difficult. My friend tried it and Santa ended up spinning in a circle. Great game though. Good for older kids. Try it an tell me in the comments what you thought of it!

Gerald and Norbert!

So for this week’s task, it was kinda interesting. We had either a week to catch, up or a free choice. I decided to do free choice because I’ve finished all the other ones. And I also decided to make an animation!

This is a story about Gerald and Norbert. Gerald and Norbert are in love, and, well, anyways, just watch the video. 

I made this using a super simple tool called FlipaClip. It’s very user friendly, and you get to make awesome little animations. For the music I used Splice, and voila. Now you can make your own animations!

Week 6; Science

This week was science! I love science. One of the sciences I am most interested in is entomology, so I decided to complete task one and learn some more about it!

Hoverfly in Alyssum Todd Petit via Compfight

Entomology is the study of insects, but that term is to specific. Entomology also studies things such as arachnids, slugs, and earthworms. It is a branch of zoology, which is in the category of Life Sciences. 

William Kirby is considered the ‘father of entomology’. In 1815, he and William Spence wrote the first popular book on the subject, An Introduction To Entomology. In 1833, Kirby and Spence founded the Entomological Society of London, where he housed over 35 insect specimens.

Sweat Bee and Bee Todd Petit via Compfight

A majority of professional entomologists in Canada are employed by the government. They work with Agriculture Canada and Forestry Canada.

Entomology is an amazing type of science, one that has helped society improve science, crops, and medicine. 

The 3rd task looked fun, so I did it too.

This video is from TedEd and was created by Science Insider. I thought it was really informative, and it talked about whales. I love whales. 🐳

After watching the video, here are a few questions you can answer in the comments. Good luck!

  1. Which trees are the best growers?
  2. How tall are giraffes?
  3. What type of dinosaur was the tallest?
  4. Why can sea creatures grow bigger?
  5. How long is a lions mane jellyfish?

I also did the fifth task. Have a go at it, and good luck!

Week 5: Music!

For this week’s challenge, we are getting to know each other. I decided to do the 4th task, the music task! The task was to explain what your favourite type of music was!

My favourite type of music is Folk Rock. I got into this type of music at Kaslo Jazz Fest, after hearing Shakey Graves. From there, I discovered The Avett Brothers, and many others. Here’s a cool Spotify playlist that features them!

One of my favourite songs right now is Morning Song by The Avett Brothers. I really like the vibe of the song, and the melody.

What are your favourite types of music? I want to know about my readers!

Week 4: Emoji Challenge

This week’s task was about emojis. I decided to do two challenges for this week.

The first challenge I chose was the emoji math challenge. For this, I wanted to make an emoji sudoku game. See if you can figure it out!

The other challenge I wanted to do was the emoji story challenge. Using byrdseed.com, I got an emoji writing prompt. The emojis I got were as follows.

This is my story.

Once upon a time there was a man named Ned. Ned lived in a van, and traveled all around the world in this van. But after a few years, Ned got tired of traveling. He wanted to make some friends. So he signed up for the Ice-Cream tour, a 21 day train excursion around Alabama. On his first day, he met Paul, the talking horse. Paul loved to sing, but he was awful. Ned had to look away when Paul sang. Ned knew Paul thought himself to be a great singer, and Ned didn’t want to let him down. But on day 20, Ned couldn’t take it anymore. He told Paul that when he sang, he sounded like a camel dying. Paul just laughed. He knew he was a horrible singer the entire time, he just wanted to know if Ned would be honest with him. After the train excursion ended, Paul went with Ned and they traveled the world. Ned was lonely no longer. The end.

Commenting on Others Posts!

For this week’s Student Blogging Challenge, as well as writing a commenting guideline, we had to comment on 3 different peoples posts. I chose three random people, and away I went. 

The first blog I commented on was The Life Without “R”… by Raegan Riley. I chose to comment on this blog because I thought it was cool how they went about doing the challenge. Instead of doing a graphic, as I did, they wrote about quality comments. 

This is a quality comment because of a few things. Firstly, I formatted the comment as a letter. Second, I complimented their blog and said what I liked about it. Finally, I gave them some feedback. 

The second blog I commented on was Celeste’s Blog. I wanted to comment on their blog because I thought it was super cool that they completed this on paper, instead of doing it on a device. 

I though this was a good comment, because it was formatted like a letter, along with the first comment. I also asked a question, that may start a conversation. I hope, if they hadn’t thought of doing it in an app, that I can tell them about some cool apps they can use. 

The last blog I commented on was Preston’s Blog. This was a really cool post. I wanted to comment on Preston’s blog because I really liked their graphic. 

This was a quality comment for several reasons. It was formatted as a letter. Also, I tried to help Preston by pointing out how I saw it as blurry. 

I hope my comments help these people, and that they start conversations!

Copyright Free Images

For this week’s task, I decided to make my own image. Making your own image is a great way to avoid any risk of copyright infringement. I made this image using Sketches Pro, but there are many other apps you can do this with. By making your own images, you can tell the story in the way you want it to be told, and to use your creativity.