At The End of Our RUN!

Salutations Breaking news. It seems as if PLP 9 has finished their first and most recent Maker project! The class has been see out in the woods for the past few weeks filming themselves as they run through the woods. Another source reports that they saw one in a very spooky mask, wearing black clothing […]

Causing Correlation

Salutations. Have you ever seen a Pinterest graph that a displays somewhat obscure graph that shows a correlation between two unrelated subject, and thought to yourself “I wonder how these could be related. Do they cause each other, or is this just Pinterest being Pinterest. Ok, maybe that was too specific. But you get the […]

When Galaxies Collide

Salutations. It is week four of the student blogging challenge, and I am still alive. In fact, this weeks challenge has rejuvenated me and put a fire in my eyes. This week we did not have a specific challenge to complete, we simply needed to catch up on the work that was not completed, and […]

Alberta 3.0

Salutations. If you have made it this far, you deserve a medal of honour. You are a survivor. In my last two blog posts, I have covered the itinerary of my PLP 9 Alberta trip, and I have reflected upon the work that I did while I was there. This final post will cover the […]

Alberta 2.0

Salutations This is the second part to the holy trinity of Alberta blog posts. This will cover my reflection on the habits exercised during this trip. For instance, how I managed my time while working on my daily note. Being an efficient worker is just as important as having curiosity and creativity in the classroom. […]

Adventures in Alberta || pt 1/3

Salutations! This blog post is the first of the triad to come. Think about this as a precursor, and a lot of what I am saying will make more sense. All I intend to do is create an outline of the activities that we did, so that I can refer back to this post later. […]

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