You know the muffin man, but do you know the cardboard box?

Disclaimer: no photos were stolen in the process of making this fascinating article

Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging goods and materials and can also be recycled. Specialists in industry seldom use the term cardboard because it does not denote a specific material

The first commercial paperboard (not corrugated) box is sometimes credited to the firm M. Treverton & Son in England in 1817. Cardboard box packaging was made the same year in Germany.

The Scottish-born Robert Gair ( those Scottish) invented the pre-cut cardboard or paperboard box in 1890 – flat pieces manufactured in bulk that folded into boxes. Gair’s invention came about as a result of an accident: he was a Brooklyn printer and paper-bag maker during the 1870s, and one day, while he was printing an order of seed bags, a metal ruler normally used to crease bags shifted in position and cut them. Gair discovered that by cutting and creasing in one operation he could make prefabricated paperboard boxes. Applying this idea to corrugated boxboard was a straightforward development when the material became available around the turn of the twentieth century.

The advent of lightweight flaked cereals increased the use of cardboard boxes. The first to use cardboard boxes as cereal cartons was the Kellogg Company.

Can also be used to hide cats in

Corrugated (also called pleated) paper was patented in England in 1856, and used as a liner for tall hats, but corrugated boxboard was not patented and used as a shipping material until 20 December 1871. The patent was issued to Albert Jones of New York City for single-sided (single-face) corrugated board. Jones used the corrugated board for wrapping bottles and glass lantern chimneys. The first machine for producing large quantities of corrugated board was built in 1874 by G. Smyth, and in the same year Oliver Long improved upon Jones’s design by inventing corrugated board with liner sheets on both sides. This was corrugated cardboard as we know it today.

The first corrugated cardboard box manufactured in the US was in 1895. By the early 1900s, wooden crates and boxes were being replaced by corrugated paper shipping cartons.

By 1908, the terms “corrugated paper-board” and “corrugated cardboard” were both in use in the paper trade.

Cardboard boxes have been used there since 1840 for transporting the Bombyx mori moth and its eggs from Japan to Europe by silk manufacturers, and for more than a century the manufacture of cardboard boxes was a major industry in the area.

Cardboard boxes are a recycle able material that continue to impact our society today.

If you have not fallen asleep by now, congratulation. You are todays special winner. You get a virtual high five.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” ~ the Truman Show

Let us reflect


“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” ~ Lemony Snicket

As a reading addict I have learned to appreciate the peaceful, yet exhilarating moment when my mind engages with an author’s thoughts on a page. And there is nothing that I respect more than a really intelligent twist of the mind. Although only recently have I begun to realize that this feeling can come from more than just a classic Shakespearean novel. Lately in the lovely realm of eighth grade we have been exploring the art twisting one’s mind. Although the official name for this sport is advertising As Toni Morrison says in The Dancing Mind , “[reading is] to experience one’s own mind dancing with another’s.”


In my early days as a homosapien, I wanted to know the “true” meaning of all of those ads that I had read in the newspaper, the ones that made my mom and dad laugh, but puzzled me ever so slightly. However, I have now realized this void of literature and the intellect behind it is  of most noteworthy complexities. Individual interpretations bring varied insights to a work and it is also interesting to point out messages the author may not have realized s/he included in the piece.

Now what will happen when we take the bunny out of the box?


Very recently, in our humanities class we have begun our advertising unit. Oh how the tables have turned. We have gotten the one in a million chance to begin our possible advertising careers now. We have gotten the chance to get creative, get critiquing and get presenting. Never will I forget this experience. Would you like to see?


Step numero uno

Deep cove area

Deep cove is a quaint area of Vancouver, and an excellent area to start advertising

so our story begins one fairly overcast day in the sweet area of deep cove, where 4 students, Zoe, Ally, Felix and Jude from Seycove lovely PLP program are grouped together to complete this advertising task. So the project begins. They take lesson after lesson of techniques, they learn about Greek origin (Pathos, Logos, Ethos), and they have lots of fun. So the first deadline approaches, and Ally comes up with this advertisement.

Food growing from plant bluhouse ad

And so they created ads. This is the beautiful first draft of Ally’s ad

Ally was very proud of her ad. She thought that the colours contrasted well and her message was clear. At Pound and Grain they had really been given a lecture on the importance of these colours in your ad, for the colours themselves may be different to people, but it is the emotions themselves that are evoked from it that can really make your viewer expeirience emotions, and in most ads this emotion is “wow, I must go there” But duh duh duh, here comes peer revision time. In this peer revision each student is given a sticky note, and they are to use their knowledge to critique each other’s work.

After this peer reflection, Ally had realized some things about her ad and other that gave her new insight on making her ad even better. It was recommended that she emphasize her plant, but even more than that, her classmates were desperately seeking a tag line. It would really fill in the space, and pull everything together. She also realized that holly was unusually good at making advertisements.

Step numero dos

Start your day fresh bluhouse ad

The next step in this project involved a peer assessment. After her classmates assessment, she decided that she should change the slogan

Now comes the time fir Ms Willemse to reflect on this ad. And believe it or not, she STILL has critique.

Step numero treize

Start your day fresh bluhouse ad

The next step in this project involved a teacher assessment. After her Ms Willemse assessment, she decided that she should change the slogan

Here it is. In its bright and shining glory. After Ms Willemse assessed this ad, she decided that she needed to take a different message-oriented approach, changing her slogan with only days to go until the visit to the professionals at the ad agency, pound and grain.

Step numero quatro

Power up your day ad for bluhouse

With only a few days to go befor visiting the professional, Ally decided that she should take a different approach to fresh. She then came up with this

Ally has had a spark of creativity. So she jots it down the night before the Pound and Grain field trip. After some quick revision, she show it to her classmates, and guess what. They love it. With only a few minutes to spare (this is where it gets intense) they revise this ad. Because they believe it shows huge potential. After some helpful advise, this is what it looks like.

Power up your day bluhouse ad

After visiting the professionals at pound and grain, Ally received critique and reconstructed the perfect ad.

They say you can see pride from a mile away.

my overall reflection

Constructing an ad is incredibly frustrating, and it really try’s the best peoples patience. Although this is not my wa of saying that I did not have fun. This prooject was a blast, and who would have known that giving critique was so fun? The question that I keep asking myself is “why did I have so much fun”. I believe that he answer to this question may be because I did it alongside so many great people. People who had never advertise before,a don people who really did into have any experience being pushed into situations like this (having to interview a stranger. Have you had to do that before?). Although now that I am reflecting, I also notice that this expeirience wa unique for each of us. Each of us had a differing amount of expeirience, bu all in all we were all taught the same lesson. Being creative on a time limit is hard. I did learn some indispensable information through this project, and I do believe that this expeirience has changed me. I now out only enjoy ridiculing more, but my perfectionism is able to receive it, something that I have never been able to do before. Next time, I would like myself to remember to be open to sudden change. Because that is the way that our world works.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.” ~ the Truman Show

Times “Like” no other


What makes one popular with the rest if the world?


   This is a question that takes the form of many answers. One could say it’s the amount of blogs you get on your most recent controversial tweet, and the amount of likes on your avoriet instagram post. Or is it the number of people who follow you on Snapchat? Fundamentally, what brings people to your page? What links you two together, but more essentially, how do these likes in return benefit you?


   Arguably, a documentary currently airing  named “Generation Like” answers these questions.


   If you were to turn your TV on right now and switch on “Generation Like”, you may find some dogmatic answers that show scenarios in great detail by supporting evidence and many examples of success. The argument of this video is that likes, retweets and reblogs are what control the internet, and with it the rest of society, including markets, and lives of many people through the means of social media. Because ultimately, all we want is to be “liked”, as the herd animals that we are.


  But has this documentary really told us the whole story?


  Since I have been little, every other word out of an adults mouths has been “be internet safe child. Be careful online”. Now why do they continue to do this, after basically shoving this message down our throats? Because of three key words. Power, pleasure and profit. The idea of a dangerous triangle of fame and dollars. From a company, to you, to the rest of this world. It is a continuous journey of corruption. But why do adults seem so scared of it? Well kids, in short everyone has a dark side. For the media is nothing like what it appears to be. Not scaring you yet? Well then I will let you think about this. Are kids using media, or is the media using kids?


  Wouldn’t one liked to get paid for making the videos that you enjoy creating on your page? It’s easy, at least this is what the pathos document displays. Getting paid for doing something that you enjoy will always be appealing. Why? Because girls and boy just want to have fun. Now what about if we double that offer and say that not only by getting paid by this service to post and blog, but you will also get the recognition of thousands, and a fair amount of tiny hearts. Yep, that is what I thought. Now look at that! Not only are you wealthy, but all of those little likes that you have gotten have caught the attention of a large company. Now how has this company noticed you? Hey, because of your popularity. In other words, your likes. All of that popularity turns into what is referred to as “liquid gold” or corporate sponsorship.

  Have you ever heard the name BabyScumBag ? Well in case you have not, think of him as a small child with some wicked skateboard moves. Well what a better way to incorporate your love with just a little bit of fame, than to post yourself to the internet. These videos seemed to be getting lots of attention, so the clothing company Primitive started endorsing him with clothes. He wears them in his videos promoting this company. The ideas of it is pretty interesting, to be a marketing idea for a company. They tried to use an Pathos way of persuading you that there was nothing wrong with this, for in Generation Like they stated that his family has always had problems with money, so its make one feel sympathy for him. But don’t you fret. We will no longer have to worry for this baby scumbag, because now he just happens to be seen as a rising star, and this will not induce descent in his popularity with large sports companies. He is now internationally loved, and a child millionaire. And they all lived happily ever after. Cue money raining from the sky.


  Now don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to hear a sweet little story of a boy with big dreams that come true. Yet what if this film missed one key fact that is probably only seen from a watcher’s point of view. What about the emotions that they forget to factor in. The jealousy and the anger.


  You can almost think of this triangle as the black market. At least I do. Okay, maybe don’t. That was a horrible analogy. Rather try to envision something called serendipity by design. A calm ocean with roaring currents underneath. Something that adults have always warned me of but I have only recently started to notice is that most online backstabbing is manufactured by the manufacturer. In other words, companies are taking a slightly unsteady situating and setting it over the edge for their own benefit. Is this right, NO! But again, it’s all about those dollar bills.

  As most good people do, we should always turn the tables before forming a conclusion. How would these companies advertise without these appalling ways. With every single young face buried in their phones, on social media checking their follower count, I don’t blame them. Walking buck naked across the street, banging two drums of metal while singing “despacito” with a baseball bat could not submerge their head from their devices. So is it completely fair that we bash these people trying to make a living form appealing to a stupid generation? Not necessarily. There are less heinous ways. Let me take you back to the start of this newsletter, about 3.5 billion years ago. I mentioned that information about the scary people on the internet was being shoved into every spare place in the human body. Well of course opinions and ideas develop from conditions of living. Their life would have been different than yours. (Though I would not suggest bringing this up, this subject tends to induce rants) So although what they are telling us can be disproved with just a little bit of judgement, this is not necessarily their issue either.

  It is up to us as people of the future to wake up and decide whether or not this is really the right thing to be doing, because sooner or later we will be in charge of the planet. We have forgotten some of our roles as human beings. This may sound scary, but we will be the people running the companies as well as the people watching the ads. Now I am not being idealistic, I know that we won’t be pooping out rainbows, but I do believe in the better judgement of my fellow children. Honestly, watching this video was quite…interesting, yet I hate to break it to you baby boomers, but this is nothing that we have not seen or heard before. We might be slightly more perseptive than you think. This just happens to be another bunny in the box. Though a well made movie and a very well conveyed message, if I were a teacher, then I think that I would show my students a film on the importance of living outside of their phones. Do we really plan on sitting around and going live as the world crumbles around us?


  It’s the paradox of generation like. These kids are empowered to express themselves as never before, but with tools that are embedded with values of their own. Sure, maybe I don’t see myself as part of “Generation Like”. But I will admit that being liked by people does really give a sense of happiness. Getting likes feels good, at least for the moment.


“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” ~ the Truman Show


Wednesday Night Live With Ally Tuck Manuscript

Interviewer: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the greatest, the latest and the natest. Today you are in for quite the treat. You have seen her all over social media, on your tv. You have seen her everywhere. She has made her big premier with these past few weeks by storming the world with something they had never seen before, and I guarantee you have not seen or heard of either. Peoples of the world, I present to you, Ally Tuck 

Crowd: *Half-hearted applause*

Guest: Enters the stage 

Tumisu / Pixabay

Interviewer: Well hello there madam. How are we today?

Ally: Hello! It’s so great to be here than you for having me. I am doing just fine thank you. How are you 

Interviewer: We’ll I just got back from an incredible trip to the United States. It has left me feeling more tired than I have ever been. 

Ally: That’s so neat! So did I! Me and my high school class went for a field school down in Oregon

Interviewer: Very interesting. But Ally this is not why we have you here tonight. We were wondering if we could get just a little bit of insight into your future ad designing career 

Ally: Haha I do love ad design, but what makes you think that I will become an ad designer

lincerta / Pixabay

Interviewer: Well we just happened to get inside information on your school visit to pound and grain.

Ally: I see where this is going. I had lots of fun at Pound and Grain. 

Interviewer: I am glad. Now tell us, what part of the visit did you enjoy the most 

Ally: my favourite part of this educational visit was just getting to meet and understand a little bit more about the background of the ads themselves. Each ad has gone through drastic changes, and sometimes the beginning product is not even related to the finished product. I admire those who go into the business, it is very difficult. 

Interviewer: It is very difficult you say. What makes you think that?

Ally: Well did you know that when my class created ads it took us almost a month. And this was not even professionally. We spent weeks researching, creating and recreating advertisements. By the end of the month each and every student did not even want to look at their ad again. You must be perseverance and have endless patience to do this professionally.

Interviewer: So what was it like, visiting these professionals. Was it what you expected?

Ally: Well I don’t really know what I expected. Maybe a dingy warehouse with some big boxy computers. Maybe i was even expecting some boring old building near collapse. Such as the setting from ‘The Office’.

Interviewer: What was actually experienced once you got there?

Ally: Well let me assure you, it was nothing like what I expected. From the minute you walked in there you could tell that the atmosphere was electric. The area was bright and open, the technology was in fact not boxy or dingy. One of the things that really stood out to me was a large neon sign on the wall in the shape of a lightbulb. And let me just quickly bring up just how much we learned in our trip. While we were there we spoke to some lovely people who really sounded like they were eager to teach us about the science behind ads. And even better than that, by this time I was very exited for some intense critique on my ad. But good new, they loved it. One women in particular who worked with my small group thouht that it was very simplistic., and according to her simplistically is the key to advertising. Making your message clear in as short of a time as possible. I honk it was this critique, and the large scheme ideas that exited my class. Although they sure did enjoy the free candy. This is definitely the kid of place that I would like to work in when I grow up. And the candy sure helps too.

Interviewer: That sounds really interesting. Tell us, why were you at pound and grain in the first place?

Ally: The entire idea of this project was that we could develop creatively and learn how to accept critique at the same time. And I sure did get a lot out of this experience. Getting to sit there in the boardroom, with those who have got through the years of training, and have worked with some of my favourite companies, the whole experience was excruciating yet enlightening.

I also do have the strong belief that one of the main exercises of this project was to necessarily at literal. Only those who looked beyond the overt at the eye level, that is when you might notice some of the content that was talked of in our registration for PLP. This is a program hat will prepare you for the real world. Because after all, will we really have s textbook to read out of when we get jobs? Do we really need to learn how to conjugate a Spanish verb? Before I wander off, let me note that some real skills were developed on this trip. We learned how to formulate questions, ask questions and inquire, speak our minds, and listen attentively. I admire the fact that I would not have learned this I school.

Interviewer: Huh what, sorry, I was not sleeping. Uh huh uh huh very interesting. Now what would you say is the point of this trip, compared to what you learned?


Ally: well to wrap things up I would say the point of this trip is to really take a step forward and Be The Professional. Bit something else that was noted was that these are post-Seycove adolescents. Maybe just slightly they were looking to recruit us into ads. That is just in my wildest dreams though. After this trip I may nit have convinced myself that I am an advertiser, but I sure have discovered that high school students automatically adore someone bearing candy. I especially enjoyed the small group time we had with them. I forget the term exactly, but my critique was incredible. Remember that sometimes scrambled can be a good thing, but when you attempt linear, commit to linear. And it does not necessarily only apply to ads. I see myself using it in the future. I came out of that building proud of myself. I ad asked many questions, and learned a lot more than I ever have on a field trip. This was a valuable experience, and out of it you could sum up everything in ords. Never offer free M&Ms to grade 8s.

Interviewer: A very valid point. Wow do we all feel enlightened?

Crowd: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Interviewer: I am glad that you are just as enthusiastic as I am. Ally, it was great for having you here, thank you for joining us tonight.

Ally: Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure presenting to such a crowd. 

Interviewer: And that is it for nw folks. We will see you next in our peak into the next news cast, The science behind how you can crawl into your sewer system to escape the estimated alligator attack. Until next time.

*some really annoying Micheal Buble finishes it off*

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!“ ~ the Truman Show

Let’s welcome a special guest

Salutations, my friends. And may I introduce to you and old friend.

You have 3 seconds to guess who this is.




So, who is it?

if you guessed my new avatar, you have just won yourself $100,000!!!

but if we are discussing seriously, blog reader, this is avatar. Avatar, meet blog reader.

alright here is the next $100,000 question. Why did I choose this to be my avatar/




did you guess correctly? This was a hard one, only those of you who are preemptive could state a solid answer.

thats right! I just happen to have a soft side for physics

Now this right here, in case you are ignorant in science, is the common showcase of what i like to call acceleration, and the mathematics that determine its angular acceleration and its balance.

Woah there sleepy head, you almost fell asleep there buddy. Rather that lecturing you on something that I am not qualified to teach (or getting payed for), let me explain why this avatar is a magnus paciscor.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago ther lived a little girl named Ally. Ally was a good student in a really neat and innovative program called the PLP program (Performance Learning Program). She and her class were very ambitious, so their teacher decided that they should consecutively sign up for a national blogging activity very creatively called “The Student Blogging Challenge”,. This was a fun course where all of the students in her class, and in lots of other classes around the world completed simulating weekly challenges involving their blog. But Ally’s class was face by torcherous delay, and they now find themselves 21 days behind the others challenged. They are quickly completing a slightly overwhelming amount of work, one of the tasks being create and upload an avatar. Now Ally has been given many suggestions as to what she should be considering for her avatar. Yet, “Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your inner voice” ~ Steve Jobs. Taking the smart advice of our friendly neighbourhood technology creator, I have decided that this avatar says a lot more about me than any picture would. Let’s compare.

An avatar picture:

* often states your hair colour, your skin tone and most of your facial features

* there is little else except maybe something that you enjoy

A creative depiction picture

* Obviously states a hobbie or a loved activity

* Can involve of your favorite colours

* Really gives someone a sense of your personality

* Pictures can speak a thousand words

do you really need more information? This picture depicts not only the laws of physics, but it conveys a deeper understanding of me than any bitmoji can.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” ~ the Truman Show

Is society becoming too sensitive and over reactive?

Perhaps more than else, this generation distinguishes itself as the “ age of freedom “. Which, in retrospect is quite fitting. The first ever telepathic communication device has been confirmed, the LGBTQ2S community has made vigorous advancements, and being yourself is finally legal in many places. It’s hard to imagine, but not long ago schools for the developmentally challenged were officially named “Schools for Idiots” or “Schools for Imbeciles.” Today we scratch our heads, wondering how people could have been so insensitive.

   With all of the horrors faced by previous generations, perhaps it is understandable that “ self esteem “ was not a popular term.

   But press the button of millennials, or the unnamed generation “Z”, and you might just find yourself in some trouble. The smallest insult will send these people over the edge. Yet, something that I admire is this because of this, they are always the first to an issue. Take the Jefree Star incident for example.

   Back in June 2017, Jeffree posted a video entitled “Racism”. He made some very horrifying comments in this video, attacking race and gender. In the 15-minute apology video, Jeffree apologised for his racist comments. Yet this was not enough for those of today. He continues to get hate comments and death threats. In this case, people were genuinely offended. This was DEFINITELY not okay. He should have known better than to make such comments. But death threats? Seriously?

  You may also remember the recent incident regarding our favourite reality tv setting, the White House. Just a few weeks ago, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of supposed inappropriate touching of a women, just days before he would have possibly claimed a spot in as Supreme Court ruler.

Though, luckily for us, a woman by the name of Christine Ford spoke up, and Kavanaugh was put to the test in court. This again, I believe was a good call on Fords part. Thid case was in Cavanaugh’s past, but what was there rest of the worlds reaction. What was yours?

   What about the times when the media has actually over-reacted? Most likely, you know, or at least have heard of the name Chevy Chase. A popular comedian in the 70s, most commonly known for his over the top, offensively offensive jokes. But now Chase is being punished for his over the top, (funny) jokes. By who, you may ask? No one else but our favourite little judges. Today’s society. Is this ok? No. Certainly not. The 70s was a totally different age, and any equivalent jokes made today would certainly not be passable, or even seen as funny. But should Chase really be punished for a relatively funny joke in the 70s, that may offend those today? Sure. Maybe sitting in his kitchen ignoring this feedback and having his family speak for him is not a passable answer. But this is about us, not him. To back him up, he is a comedian. This is his job.  He is being judged way too harshly. Because, as the old saying says, a comedian’s gotta do what a comedian’s gotta do.


  In this situation, what the mature person would do is they would let go of his jokes. I fully aware, even as a little known bystander that Chevy is aware of his horrid reputation. But is this going to change his reaction to the situation? No. I will fully admit that I myself am frustrated by his ignorance to these comments, and of course if we are considering maturity, than Chases reaction must come in to play. But rather than wallowing in this disaster, lets instead be the adults in the room and move on. There are bigger more important subjects which must attain our interest.

  This knowledge and aspect of life angered me. If I was to ask for the aid of my fellow human beings, then I would hope that the children of earth would join me, for it is our views and interests that can change this for the better. Of all the amazing feats that have been accomplished today, yesterday and tomorrow this is one thing that the “age of freedom“ has yet to learn. But our kids do have one thing to remember. We have the right to speak, and the world has the right to hear our voices. So before you close this link and agonize the world with your slightly unnecessary opinion, let me part with one question. Should the word really be living other people’s lives? “My life, my choices, my mistakes and my lessons” seven billion brains with a story to tell and seven billion brains who are willing to listen can change the world.