See you later, alligator.

Salutations good friends. Long time no see.

I am aware that it has been a hot minute since I have checked up on you sadistic fiends, but look who is back, better than ever.

Unfortunatly, this is the last week of the Student Blogging Challenge. In other words , my motivation for those fun little games that I play with you each week has flown out the window. Don’t fret my friends. This is not the last you will see of me. Reintegrating Scintillating will continue to be an overdramatized source of dark outlook on the world, but until the Student Blogging Challenge starts up again, you may see less of the quirky me, an more of the diplomatic, Ally the PLP student aspect.


Don’t be turned away by my slightly deflated alter ego, she won’t be gone for long. You just wait unti I get my next chance to torture you all with my controversial opinion.

In case you all dont know me well enough, this is me saying thank you. I found a discovered new Ally while sharing my opinion on this blog. It may be the innocence if writing this all out, and the confidence I get while opening up to the world through a screen. I am really glad that I have discovered the magic of blogging.

Now it is time to face the elephant in the room. The final product, a reflection on all of my hard work which has gone into Reintegrating Scintillating. Do you want to know how I feel about my blog? Well I have a feeling that you can guess it right on the dot. I could not be more happy.


Sure. It is full of over the top rants, raw ideas and opinions, and titles that sometimes have nothing to do its the subject of the post. But that is exactly who I am. Every aspect of it reflects me exactly. That is what makes me proud.

Out of everything that I have posted, and all that I have made public, my favourite challenge had to be the “science challenge”. As it may be obvious, I take any chance that I get to rant on subjects that I love, so this challenge had to be a highlight. Some honourable mentions include my “words of wisdom” page, the emoji game, and the six second talk show. I have the Student Blogging Challenge to thank for the opertunity to fulfill these challenges. Though I am glad for the opertunity, I may be slightly utilizing this opertunity, for I do not believe that I completed these challenges properly. I do admit that I can sometimes be rebellious and headstrong, therefore completing the challenges in the exact way that I was told not to. If I do participate in the future, then I hope to learn to grasp the concept of listening to the instructions, editing and revision of posts and possibly being more of a participant; (ex. Commenting, taking the time to check out other blogs, etc).

But SBC, this will not be the last you see of me. So without further ado, I would like o thank my mother, my toilet, and the prickly jus I keep in my fridge. I will now perform a dispersing act. Poof.

”Goodmorining, and incase I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” ~ the Truman show


Salutation, fellow, you know I am really running out of explicitly.              endearing terms. So for now, salutations friends.

welcome to week nine of he student blogging challenge, the week that was not quite as glamours as it may seem. It involves pain stalking accuracy, as the cumperter needs a very sharp and precise line of notes. It will only understand the commands under certain circumstances. Which is why it took me the longest time to review a simple line, thats only purpose was to capitalize one word. But let’s let the program speak for itself.

Step one. Leave a comment for Alex.

Alex, this is the sadistic readers of my blog. Readers, meet Alex. Alex codes for edu blog, comething that I do not have the guts for. Wen we code, what we are doing is we are sending very soesific commands in the language of technology, code. Just as humans connect verbally, computers communicate in one strings of incoherently aggravating numbers. i hope that you have the same emotions towards this as I do. What would the world look like if we all spoke in code? “@$%@$&^**”. Basically a large Tin Tin comic. So what could possible go wrong? Ah, my smart citizen. The minute you mess u one command, all of your work is reduced to dirt. And the one possessing astute talent may notice that some act like this may reduce me to dirt. Would you like me to demonstrate? Great.

Step two. Try an hour of code activity.


For my activity, I attempted to recreate and code a flappy bird game. Do you want my honest opinion? I do not see the relevance between this type of coding, and the real coding. Whereas here they offered me creation of a pretreated game, the real coders woul have coded my coding. Make sense? In doing hour of code, I was hoping for the real thing. And that may be a lot to ask, but by doing a grade 8 level, I felt like I being forced to play with those little colourful building blocks all over again.

I am fully aware of how full of myself I sound, but I was really hoping for a more advanced work space for older and more ambitious coders, although, I did notice how well this was done. The website moved smoothly, most likely because it has all of the best behind its astonishing nature.

Step three. adding code to your blog.

This last step was probably the brobdingagian threats to it. I was concerned that I was going to create a glitch in the Matrix, or something sweet like that. For this reason, I avoided the last task until the last minute. But it really is not that difficult. For someone who enjoys precise movements, this is the hobby for you. Painstalking, not for me, but fun nonetheless. So have fun coding my friends, I am here is you ever need a chill pill or a anger management therapy talk, so code away. But always remember, your exit is to your left.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” ~ the Truman show

In the likeness of Da Vinci; a child doing portraits

Salutations good friends.

That is right. You have been officially upgraded from “strangers” to “good friends”. Don’t revel in the moment. I must stop your infinite rejoicing right there. Because we have got work that just so happens to be vociferating our names.

How rude of me not to give the proper introduction. Ladies and ladies, in this edition of “School manages to force Ally to make a foul of herself”. It took the box offices by storm. Twelve Grammies in one sitting.

Recently in our lovely little microcosm of life here at PLP, we have been discussing the importance of angles, and the effects of a good photo on the human neurological system. Well that was a mouthful. Here at PLP we value our learning as a process, and the power of critique on performance. Now for you sake, and the sake of all of the others around you, I will keep it brief, as we are not getting any younger. Instead, try a more sensible approach, such as try out one of my other incredible posts about this same subject! Wow I really am starting to sound like a proffessional idiot of the first degree. Disclaimer: the following post may be overly cynical. Those with nausea, heartburn, or a bad case of not being able to take a joke may want to leave this blog as quickly as possible. I am surprised that ou have even made it this far).When I was recommended the idea by your very… analytical comments and the feedback of my classmates, I remembered some incredibly inspirational words that really hit near home. “Just shut up and get on with it” ~ Peter Griffin. We can discuss saddened personalities regarding this comment later. So how am I doing at keeping this post short so far? Excellent. Without further ado… ladies and gentlemen, a long statement about angling and lightning.

Task one: Create a self-portrait

Now these self portraits were really not that difficult, infact from what I expeiriences they were very enjoyable. There is a certain technique to finding not only your angles, but the most complimentary of your landscape or surroundings. Often, in my studies, it has shown that when you are attempting at taking a photo in an open are, such as when you are in nature, surrounded by trees, or out in the open, taking photos from a worms-eye view is often, in the opinion the way to go. Not only does it showcase the scenario itself, such as the forest you are in or the sunset that you are seeing, it also is a vital way to catch light. The right reflects on shapes and angles around you, and compliments the nice and open white space. Other forms of photography angling, such as a birds eye view or an eye level shot is nice, but is in The opinion not only generic, but it really does not showcase geometric shapes, angling or lighting, which are all factors that go into a proffessional photo. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Insert juxtapose here

Task two: Frame a portrait

The second part to this incredibly difficult project was to work on framing. Instead of finding the angles in your subject and the landscape, work with angles all around you. Find a frame. Tilt your subjects hea to counterbalance their shadow. Take pictures from the right. And the left. Often this task is the most difficult of them all, for the even after completing these tasks, the beauty of it Sulla still remains unearthed. An ancient idol of mine in the past was this dude named Pythagoras. He was some ancient wing nut who just happened to be a genius. You may have heard of him, he was the inventor of the theorem (a2 + b2 = c2), and he was very astute in his religiousness around the right triangle. You could say that he was an angles man. He was almost too reliant in the singles of our world, for he believed that the entire world was composed of numbers. Physical numbers. You can make a cult out of this. More on that idiot later, my point i that you must understand angles an shapes to bea great photographer. Pythagoras would rock this career. Now back to business.

insert photos framed.

Task three: create a silhouette

Out of all of the activities, this had to be the hardest. The task was simple enough, find some horrible lightning and play around with the lighting in camera settings until you get an even silhouette. But for certain reasons, such as never getting the picture at the right time, with either too much lighting or too little. But this was one of the biggest lessons that I learned throughout the entire project! Not only did I learn how to navigate the camera roll, how to take a picture contrary to how I have ever taken one before, and how to manage my time. For any struggling photographer who also happens to be procrastinator royal, like me. Try this exercise free for the first six months®.

Task four: Create a before and after picture.

The backstory behind this horridity is the my teacher Ms Willemse cunning love for laughing at my classes creations. And you know what? This was not only the most fun of the exercises that we have done throughout PLP, but also the most humorous. Seriously. There is a 105% chance that your kidney will burst from laughter throughout the reading of these posts.

Want to see a regal dog? Warning, the following photo may induce nausea or death.

Or try Zoe’s recreation of her younger self

The task itself was not that difficult, we had to find an embarrassing picture from somewhere in the past, either an old piece of artwork, or a photo of the fetus-us. And sure enough, I chose recreation from the past. Please save hate for after the film is over. In the first picture, we have my old dog Mac. I say that like he is expired, but no. He loved bones, people and long walks on the beach.

In the second picture, we have the new and improved Ally, and her sweet little whisper Belle. Now this recreation was really difficult, because Belle finds it physically impossible to sit still. Actually, my dog must have ADHD. Not only that, but it took a good minute to get the angle, the lighting, and the facial expression.

Overall reflection to please the masses: if I ever had any doubts about photography not being difficult, then they have definitly been settled. I would like to say that I have fully mastered the art of angles, lighting, and composing a photo, but there is definitly room fir improvement.

although, I definitly see some huge diffrences between my pictures before many after this exercise. Now that is powerful. Overall, it really has to be the thought put into the picture that reflects back on what is demonstrated. Take a minute, wait for the perfect moment, amd consider everything. This is when you will get the perfect photo.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night” ~ the Truman show

ǝʍ all ǝʌɐɥ different sǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd; we all have different perspectives

Salutations, homosapiens.

  1. a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.
    “I have broadened my worldview by experiencing a whole new culture”

Ok. I have got a burning, yet rhetorical question for you all. Do you believe in yourselves?

I know, it is a silly question. But I want you to really think about it. Do you go through the say trusting yourself so solemnly that you believe yourself to be invincible, that your choices are always the right ones?

Now let me ask you another question. What did you just think of that question. Either “come on, that is stupid I would never trust something that I don’t believe in”, or “of course, fate takes its course of action as pleased”. We have now entered the conversation of religion, culture and belief. Voila!

Now now, save the applause for later. There is deep thoughts to be thought. What is your believe. Do you believe in a “un-earthly being”, that Nickelback makes good music, that teddy bears should run for office?

Le me tell you something incredible. Listen carefully. Not everyone is going to have th same opinion because we are not all the same person.

Don’t worry, even though I may seem like the kind of person who would make fun of one thing like this, digging in on someone’s beliefs in across my line. I am genuinely curious. Would you like to hear about my beliefs? I knew you would.

I have been an atheist my whole life, living in a multicultural city, I have grown up around Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and every other possible belief that you can think of. (Excusing Scientology). One of my favourite places to be is actually a catholic camp called Timberline. Even though I have a major separation from the catholic kids, and we don’t share much in common, I find the aura of the location very nice. I find sitting around a campfire fun, and even if I do not believe in god, I pray when I am there. And the horses are a big plus. So you could say that I have always been open to the idea of belief, but I have never really fully understood it. I have grown up with a Christian mom and an atheist ad, which has made me religiously tolerant therefor impacting my worldview.

Recently, in PLP 8, we have been working on the demonstration of worldview through our everyday actions. Scenarios that we have been through, events that we reacted to, and every other little moment. These are the things that shape our view of the world. Want to have your own worldview®? Well follow along with these simple steps!

Exercise one: make your class state their opinion it’s questions regarding equality, chocolate or vanilla, or other really important expressive questions like that. In my class, what we did is we were ordered to pick a side of the room, then support our answers by being put on the spot. Nothing like some good old pressure.

Exercise two: find a spotty app with some good templates. If you are looking for a good application for the following exersice, MindNode is mostly reliable! Try it our today for 4.56$ for the next three months.

In PLP, how we payed this exercise out, is we did what we do best. We brainstormed using the following question. “What gets into shaping a worldview”? Well, firstly, and most likely religion and culture. Wat do you eat, what do you celebrate, do you get an education or do you do something different. Culture, along with many others is a huge part of how we view the world.

Once you have all of these ideas, try creating a mindmap®. Create a brainstorm, a branch, a what-cha-ma-call-it, anything that really lays all out flat for you. Whatever floats your boat.

Exercise three: Script your worldview

Now it is time to crack down. Our third step in PLP was to imagine that all of a sudden we made award winning movies, and create an Oscar worthy script. To explain your entire life minute by minute who be slightly time consuming, so we focused on one event that changed our life. Here are some suggestions.

• Your journey through school, if cliché is your calling

• Getting your pet

• realizing you are very politically savvy and becoming a dictator

Whatever clunks your cow bell.

Congratulations. You have now reached step number four. Become a communist dictator. No, I am just kidding silly. Become a socialist dictator.

Exercise four: create an Explain Everything

Ever heard of the app Explain Everything? No, me neither. Not until just a few fortnites ago. And let me say, it is a hidden pearl. No wait. A pearl is simply congealed oyster spit. It was a hidden gem. You can navigate it like a regular drawing app, except it actually;lay records your screen drawing, and allows you to add volume for the full experience. Want to check mine out?

Expect it at next years golden globes.

Overall, worldview happens yo be one of the most difficult researches that I have done in school yet. It takes a lot to understand I person, and even more to understand how they see he world. Overall, this was a great experiment, and I can proudly say that after going through these steps I see things that I have ever seen before.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it, and I happen to love the subject of culture. But I had some frustaration regarding the apps that we used. Such as, I found explain everything tp be difficult to navigate, and he volume would unnecessarily blank out, and would not load to my showbie class. So after this affair, I did some research. If you happen to encounter the same problems as I, try the following®

Lensoo create

Lensoo Create turns your iPad or Android tablet into a virtual whiteboard with voice recording and smooth digital writing.

My rating = 9/10

Open board

The OpenBoard software is an interactive white board software. Certainly one of the most exciting projects related to open education. It offers the opportunity to teach differently while using current teaching tools.

My rating = 7/10

Well, I have helped your case as much as I can. If I doubt, always remember that we all come from different aspects if the world, meaning that a we all have different opinions. Yes, I know it is coming from me, but there is a line. But again, there is nothing wrong with being controversial every now and then


”Good morning, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon good evening and good night”. The Truman show