Failure + Success + More Failure = mPOLs

Salutations, friends.

By now you must all know my introduction like the back of your hand, so let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

In the last episode of your favourite reality TV show, PLP 8, we were working on what we like to call mPOL presentations.

Q&A section

What does mPOL stand for: Mid-year Presentation of Learning

why is the ‘m’ not capitalized: What better reason then it looks cool?

The idea behind our mPOL presentations is that we spend some time reflecting on the work that we have done throughout the year, we discuss our weaknesses and strengths and our plan for improvement in front of our parents and a teacher.

From Humanities to Scimatics, from the Pythagorean theorem to cheese dreidels, you could safely say that this is a year that I will never forget. For example, I got to see bison for the first time in my life! Who would have known that these exuberantly large mammals are scientifically classified as bison bison bison. Only in PLP ladies and gentlemen. Did you know that when you are watching commercials, occasionally a secret underlying message is slipped in to make the viewer comply without question. Don’t feel bad that you didn’t know that you are being hypnotized. I only learned this because I got to go visit an advertising agency. Only in PLP ladies and gentlemen. 

So our lesson for today is that, PLP is incredible. But instead of just leaving right now, wouldn’t you like to know why?

My favourite project this year happened to be our small unit on advertising. The basis of this project was to inform PLP 8 all about how to market a product. We went through several steps including studying seven different ways to get a message across and different ways used to convince an audience. We also learned some impressive terms in which are general categories for these steps, and how to identify them. The first draft of my ad was something to be proud of, and considering that we had just started learning, my idea was relatively solid. Throughout the month that I worked on my ad, I had several ideas, but none of them proffessional enough to be executed well. At the very last minute, after I had fully developed and received critique on one of my ideas, I changed my mind. With 12 hours to the Pound and Grain visit, I created an entirely different ad, which was not only snappier, but also embraced the essence of Deep Cove even more. This had to be my proudest moment in PLP, for I received compliments from even the professionals we visited. The lesson that I learned here is that I should really trust my own gut instead of living by others opinions. I had pitched this idea several times to my friends, but all of them decided playing it safe with my mediocre ad was the way to go. In the future, and since there is always room for improvement, I may want to consider sticking with an idea and working with it, instead of going back and forth between ads which do not reflect who I truly am. But something that I do believe that I have gotten better at is monitoring my perfectionism, and though this was far from curing me, I got a taste of handing in work which is not necessarily perfect and will not get 100% perfect feedback from friends. I continue to see my improvement in this field every day, and my goal is to earn a positive outlook on critique by the end of the year.

We see the same thing if we consider Scimatics. This has been quite the year for Mathematics and Science, as I have finally gotten to closely examine and cover theories that I have been reading about for a while. To illustrate this, consider our study on the Pythagorean theorem. Of course I have been enjoying this, as math has always been a hobby of mine. In fact I happen to be so passionate about it that a lot of the time I answer very eagerly. There is no problem with this, except the fact that the majority of PLP 8 do not enjoy math as a hobby, therefore sitting back and watching me do work instead of actually doing engaging in class. Apparently my love for the subject has put it in the minds of others that I will never get a question wrong. In other words, I have become inhuman in their eyes. Ally the human calculator. But the problem arouses when I do get questions wrong. We all do, and I do not have an issue with it as I am learning from the process. Other people on the other hand are more astounded than I am. If you listen closely when I get a question wrong, you can hear the ‘ooh’s’. Which again, should not bother me. In fact it is the sincerest form of flattery. But often I tend to get disappointed in myself after this because of their reaction. And as you may know, I can be overly dramatic about it. So the real struggle has been controlling this anger. I have tried several tricks, including tuning it out and talking to my friends about it, but considering they are 13 the probability of then hearing only 3% of what I say is high. My goal for the future in both math and science would have to be to learn how to tune out the immature reactions, and how to regulate my reaction. Fortunately, it has not all been dark. I have learned some important values, including listening closely to the teacher ready to answer at any second. I learned that the hard way.


Likewise, you may also notice some pretty big goals in the Maker category. One of the big and ongoing projects in my Maker class is my blog. My pride and joy and a real reflection of who I am. I call it Reintegrating Scintillating. Since I there may be some confusion around the meaning, let me clear things up. That was my intention. It can mean whatever you want it to mean. On my blog, I tend to take a lot of time joking around and making puffy statements. Some long held traditions include my punictures, pictures that I most often make myself with a pun hidden within it. I use some overly superfluous language, including always greeting my readers with “Salutations” which in the words of Holly Robinson is “such an Ally thing to do”. But in my opinion, the best part about my blog is the titles. I always take extra care when fabricating them. What I want readers to notice is just how my sense of humour is reflected differently in each one. Because humour just happens to be the heart of my blog. I do include pictures, and I do maintain an aesthetic, but if you were to open my blog, you would just be hit with a wave of jokes and riddles which is “such an Ally thing to do”. I do believe my blog to be one of my strengths this year, as when we first began designing them, Ms Willemse mentioned that your blogs are like people, and we expect you to craft your blog posts like a personality.

Now one of my weaknesses this year might be my photos. The project that I was least proud to call my own was my photos documentary. By now you guys must know that I have certain days where seriousness is beyond my wildest dreams. So many of the cute jokes and puns hidden in my documentary were removed, leaving me with a come-si-come-sa video. My pictures have definitely improved, it they are still far from professional. So that left my documentary looking lifeless. I did manage to polish it up, but I was still in denial about the loss of humour. This again brings me back to my most prominent goal, monitor the perfectionism. Yogi Berra once said “90% of the game is half mental”. I will live by these wise words.

Finally, my PGP. Though sparse, the most meaningful class of the year for me. An ongoing project for PLP has been our weekly review, where we pour out our heart and souls into PLP sourced diaries and talk about what went well, where we could have improved and our goals for the following week. I would exercise caution when reading my journal, side effects may include nausea or death. But just like my blog, my journal is a perfect example of who I am. A perseverant yet easily distracted individual who dwells on the little things. And I can in fact prove that writing down your goals has a positive effect. I had been very worried about a french test for a long time, so I put some time aside to write up a ladder concerning how I would get an A, and I did. The journal kept me organized, so I will continue to use it in the future. Something I definitely want to refine in the future is my weekly reviews, as I have not really utilized them yet, and I know they may be helpful. So in the future, you may see me spending more time with my journal than normal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In short, I have come to the conclusion that PLP is a one in a million program which will drastically change my school experience. It has only been several months and I am already noticing a change in myself. There are definitely many things to work on, but also many attributes to be celebrated. I will continue to work my butt off and enjoy it at the same time. Only in PLP ladies and gentlemen. Before you all try to escape, I would like to leave you worth one question. In the future I am hoping to alleviate myself, how do you think that I could harness my perfectionism for the better?

Thank you for attending my TED talk.

”Good morning, and in case so don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night.”  – The Truman Show