Eggplant rant: Octopuses or Octopi


This subject holds a deep place in my heart. I have always enjoyed grammar as a subject, and it just so happens that my number 1 pet peeve is when someone incorrectly uses the plural form of “octopus”. So allow me to enlighten.

The word “octopus” is derived from the Greek form, “octōpous”, meaning exactly the same thing that it means today in modern English. This form extends to Latin, as it was still referred to as an “octōpous”. But when you consider the English form, which is “Octopoda”, the two words are combined into “octopus”.

The issue arises when you attempt to make this noun plural. Mirriam Webster claims that he plural is “octopi”, while other sources such as Fowler Modern English dictionary (with that name it is eveident they are not to be trusted) claims that “the only proper plural way to identify the noun is “octopuses”. But after further research, it has become evident that the FME is correct.

The plural octopi is hypercorrect, coming from the mistaken notion that the -us in octōpous is a Latin second declension ending. The word is actually treated as a third declension noun in Latin.

The plural octopi is based on an incorrect attempt to pluralise the word based on an incorrect assumption of its origin, and is rare and widely considered to be nonstandard.

Another subject states that “the proper plural is octopodes, though octopuses probably works better in English”. So we will never really know the truth. This is one of the worlds biggest mysteries alongside Atlantis and Patrick Swayze’s hair.

So for all of you out there who are currently getting your dreams crushed, I apologize. My only intention was to make the world a more grammatically correct place.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see y’a, good afternoon, good evening and good night” ~ The Truman Show

The eggplant rant

Salutations old companions.

I find that we have managed to settle into some sort of dysfunctional routine. I go MIA for multiple weeks, muster several sporadic posts and then once again go under the radar. In this essay I will-

Alright let’s get down to business. This entire predicament, shenanigans, whatever you want to call it started today on my walk home from school. I happened to be thinking about how delightful my ham and cheese sandwich had been several hours earlier, and me being the distinct individual that I am came to the conclusion (somehow we got on this subject an I am not sure how. Knowing me for all the wrong reasons) that I needed to pick up some sort of schedule here. See, on my previous term congruence check I had decided that I needed to search for the inspiration which will get me safely though the school year. At the time, I was feeling uninspired, but this walk home did the trick. I was hit with a wave. Literally and figuratively. I needed to start learning about the world, and in the process inspired myself. My lovely blog, feel honoured. I chose you. So form now on every couple days or so I will be posting a paragraph or two on a random subject that I decide that I want to study. You may want to stay tuned, as this could get interesting. My inspiration varies rom day to day, so one day I may be discussing why people who roll their toilet appear over are dominant. Or perhaps why green jello is a sin. Here is a teaser: it radiates criminal demeanour, tastes like an ll American donut burger and is an inferior and second-rate chocolate pudding. Thank you for attending my TED talk. Likewise, some other days I may be in no mood for twiddling my thumbs. On these days you may want to prepare yourself for “the Renaissance”, or “politics in Feudal society”. Allow me to introduce todays topic, the ““eggplant rant”. This is what I will call this style fo post. So come back every week or so to acquire some strange yet fascinating knowledge.

Well I am running out of steam at the moment, and I hope this scintillating content makes up for the fact that I was too lazy to spice this post up with a picture. Tune in next week for “the bubonic plague”

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see y’a, good afternoon, good evening and good night” ~ The Truman Show