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Salutations readers.

So what has this been. My fourth blog post in two days? Oh my goodness PLP when are you ever going to give me a break.

For those of you who live in a pinnaple under the sea, recently the entity of PLP has been preparing for something we like to call the ‘Winter Exhibition’. If you have not yet read my last blog post about the preparation for this fatality I would highly recommend it. Because this is the not so pretty part of the equation.

For this we were tasked with learning about worldview through religions around us. And in order to display our learning we must compose a photo album respecting one aspect of all of these religions. And then we had to make a poster, and research games, and we had to make costumes, not to mention that WE HAD TO MAKE SNACKS!! A task of such sort would wear anyone out which is exactly what this did. The first hurdle we had to tackle was this poster. We were paired up into teams, my group consisted of Ryan, Grace, Malaika, Finn and I. We then had to draw subjects out of a hat, and would you look at our luck, we got Islam. Malaika is actually Muslim herself so this definitly selped when it came to tiny details, such as making the food for the night.

Our first poster draft looked a little something like this


It was a wacky, and perhaps unobtainable draft, consisting of a 3D map showcasing the importance of Mecca. At the time it seemed like a good idea, and I still think that it would have been amazing, and it would have blown our presentation out of the park. But as it is, we ended up having the idea shut down by rational thinking, and we desired to start from scratch with a 2D idea.

Okay. Here it comes. The second draft. It was nothing less than horrendous. For one reason or another the entire class was given 20 minutes to come up with a first draft, and why in the world we were only given 20 minutes is beyond me. Ms Willemse did you want our posters to be so bad thsta people would be blown away with our improvement, or did you just want to get us thinking. Because this sure made me think alright. The green was so bright it was basically blinding, and the globe looked horribly deformed. We had way to much writing and not enough visual. So who is up for draft two.

In draft two we definitely scrapped our last idea, and even th0ugh this draft was more out there I really liked it, and it seemed like an idea that I wanted to continue developping. But as it was we went from the best poster to one of the worst. Draft three and four here we come.

in draft three in four our poster ideas seemed to be going nowhere. Either we were treading water or we were swimming in circles, because every time we thought we were improving another issue would pop up. For example in one of our drafts we decided that the colour was not pleasing to the eye, so we created another draft Btu could not include our picture of Mecca because it looked out of place. If I was to do this exercise again then I would perhaps be even more open to my team mates ideas and I would focus more on the adaption rather than an idea so that it wouldn’t take us nearly as long.

So finally, after staying during lunch to brainstorm ideas, an meeting after school to argue about the design, we came up with a final draft. I can not say that I am especially proud of it, because a lot of my ideas and my inspiration was lost in the mix. Somehow we had managed to combine all of our ideas, but not in a good way. What I am proud of is that we had a poster, and that even though it was not perfect, we all managed to congratulate each other on making it through alive.

The next step we had to take was to make our photo documentary.  While we were out and about, exploring the cultural locations we were tasked with politely walking around and using our photographer eye to take pictures that represent the worldview of all six religions. We then had to organize them into categories and represent them nicely with transition and all that jazz. These were to be set out infront of or table as a distraction form actually talking to us. I went through quite the journey to get to where my current photo doc is. It is still not exactly where I want it to be at, if I had a do-over then I would have studies more photo documentaries then found a solid layout so that I wasn’t toying with things so drastically. This may have been my biggest down fall in this project, but we learn from our mistakes.

And the night of the exhibition approached faster and faster, we started working on other little details. Games had to be decided on, and snacks had to be made. This part seemed to go a little bit faster, because none of us disputed much on how to do it for the simple reason that we knew exactly what was expected and we had no wiggle room for decisions to be made. The only fact that we needed to decide on was did our choices reflect the Islam worldview.

Unfortunately this is where the process stopped for me, as this is when I left to go on my vacation, leaving my friends to their own devices. From what I have learned from my group and their blogs is that the night went well, and as a class we managed to slow down the flow of people because they were so compelled by our work, so please class give yourself a pat on the back. If you would like a firsthand recount of exactly what went on that night, I would suggest reading several posts from the rest of my group (Grace, Malaika, Finn and Ryan), even though they may not be quite as enthralling as me.

In short, what this expeirience taught me was that everyone in this world sees everyone and everything differently. This is because none of us have the same upbringing, and none of us have been through the same experiences. Therefore we should never judge anyone on their culture, and we should all live in a world of rainbows and cupcakes, and puppies and smiles. I hope that you can all do me a favour. Close your eyes and open your ears, and take a second to listen to the sounds and the voices. Take a second to notice the beauty.