Revolution Resolution


This marks the end of a jam-pact project. It has been a whirlwind of screenplays, props, late night adjustments and more screenplays. I like to call this; ‘Revolutions Through the Ages’. The question that drove this project was: how do ideas drive change?

How can we show cause and consequence in a revolution video? This was the question that drove the following project. Our task was to use ethical sources to learn about several revolutions, namely the French, American, Russian and a revolution of choice. For my group, Meg, Asha and Liam this creative revolution was the Meiji. By using our knowledge of cause and consequence in each revolution, and an understanding of historical figures roles to create a video of our choice. The options that we were given were John Greene, History Minute, a rap video or an Explain Everything. For our fourth video, we were given the creative freedom to combine, adapt or replicate any of the latter. The limit was our imagination. Our final product should look like a professional look into the past, and must cover the driving question as well as include evidence of cause and consequence. By understand the cause and consequence of a revolution, we are enhancing our abilities to notice the consequence of our actions.

Before this project began, I had little to no insight on historical revolutions. I had a small collection of knowledge that I had gathered through elementary school, but other than that, zilch. If you had asked me why the French Revolution happened in the first place, I would have looked at you as if you had told me you were from Area 51. I didn’t know the who, what, when or why. Throughout this process, not only did I learn how to answer these questions but I learned how this knowledge will apply in my future. To answer this question, I was paired with Meg, Liam and Asha. We called ourselves the Shrek Massacre™

Cause and Consequence

I can assess how conditions and actions of individuals affect events, decisions, or developments

The best way that I showed this competency was though my third and final video. By extending my knowledge through research, and getting comfortable with discussing and debating with my teammates, I felt like I accomplished this task. How do our conditions affect our decisions? I could not explain this for you before we began this project, but now that I have studied the French, Russian, American and Meiji revolution, I am able to point A finger at a figure of the revolution, offer information about their life and why they are a pivotal part of that revolution. One of the reasons that I managed to feel more comfortable with this competency was because of all of the research and work that I put into my team’s video. I am now fully comfortable with submerging myself in a deeper level of thinking about the revolutions that we studied.


I can assess the justification for competing historical accounts after checking out various sources and investigating the reliability of sources

This competency truly comes into play when we consider the research and conversing aspect of this project. Here we can see the sheet of research that I did behind the Meiji revolution. An issue that I faced was the cause of the revolution in the first place.

Notes taken on the Russian Revolution highlighting events

What could have possibly caused the upper class Japanese to initiate a revolution that would tarnish their stance. This question required multiple sites, several magazines and even a book to answer. I had to eliminate all of the sources that offered obviously false information, for instance on of the websites I visited claimed that the revolution started amongst the Chinese. Sifting through these articles not only gave me a deeper understanding of the revolution itself, but the research and study process. I will need knowledge of Joseph Stalin until I finish school, yet I will need to know how to be productive far beyond that, perhaps even for the rest of my life.

Create and Extend Shared Understanding

I have exchanged ideas and viewpoints within my group and the class, to build shared understanding and extend my thinking about this project and the video making process

I definitely got the chance to exercise this competency. My group has always been a great resource to discuss and see new perspectives from. Every other day, my group would come together to discuss all that we had learned. I would give them my input on the research that I had done, Meg would innovate ideas, and Asha and Liam would bring those ideas to life. Working together as a group made us much stronger than we would have been on our own.Coming into this project with only one perspective made it hard to complete. Considering the fact that we are relying on second hand sources, we must gather as much input as possible to create an authentic experience. My peers for an excellent outlet for this. I agreed with many of their statements, such as the fact that the French Revolution began out of a need for change, and the Russian Revolution may not have began were it not for the overpowering rule of the king. Although, during our contemplation of the American revolution someone raised the point that it was wrong of the rebels to start the Boston tea party. I disagreed with this, so we used our previous knowledge to come to consensus. This debate, and the multiple perspectives that we had on the case made for a much richer film.


I must touch very briefly on the milestones that helped me throughout this project. First and foremost, Crane Brighton’s theory of revolution. By using this graph, and having a better understanding of the steps in the process, we are able to go more indepth about the underlying reasons.

Timeline of the Meiji revolution highlighting Crane Brighton’s theory

It also helped while making our video, as it helped us organize our thoughts and ideas. Overall, it made the final product much better than it would have been otherwise. Another essential stepping stone in the process is our storyboard. This mapped our what the video would look like in rough form, and made the filming process much easier. With this tool, the quality of our videos increased.


Let’s scrutinize the first video that we made. The subject was ze French Revolution, and in this video we wanted to give our viewers a glimpse back in time. We did this by showcasing life before the revolution complete with costumes and music. We shifted the tone using filters and musical mood, to the lavish life in the palace. We then transition to the uprising of the peasants, and the result. We definitely could have highlighted consequence much more, as it would have been better insight. As it is, the video was pretty but not very informative. Nonetheless, I was proud of how well we prepared and organized for this video.

Our second video also showed room for improvement. The mistake that we made in this case was not prioritizing the filming of this video. We had many other projects on the go, and this video was not first on the list. Spoiler: huge mistake. As a result, we had a refined script and screenplay for filming, but the video itself came out looking like it was filmed in one day. I am allowed to say that because I filmed it. I would like to highlight the idea behind the movie itself, as our script was very strong. We could have supported these strong words with strong visuals to make for a better movie.

Our third movie definitely showed improvement. All that we had learned about prioritizing and revolutionary consequence compiled into this Explain Everything. Something that I loved about this video was the incredible attention to detail, which I can thank Asha for. Liam did an amazing job of voicing over, and were it not for Meg then we would have not had a script. My job was to organize, compile and refine the movie. Not only was the animation better, but the group dynamic finally seemed to work out. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of leaving a large segment of our cartoon character Timmy talking. What he was saying was very valuable, but we could have easily counterbalanced it by adding in titles or pictures. Overall, this video showed great improvement from our previous two.

Finally, we have reached the grand finale. The final video! The brave of heart went in with high expectations, and the good students came out with good grades. All in all, I thought this video was good. I really enjoyed the animated title sequence, which was animated by Meg, and I thought that the setup that we had to enhance our John Greene style showed thought. Obviously, the audio could have been improved, and with a bit of time, we could have edited things out like me waving to the camera. On the day that we filmed, we had the luck of sharing a room with the very rowdy basketball team. This did require us editing out video bombing clips and rude noises. The biggest issue that could have been tackled with this film was by taking the advice of our teacher. Allow me to give you some context. Prior to the matinee of our movies, we got the chance to meet with someone who was willing to tell us that our movies sucked. It was done more politely than that, don’t worry. We were given critique and feedback, and following through with this advice and editing our movies would have been a smart road to take. But my group did not do as much of this as we would have liked. We did zoom in the frame, and add very faint music. The audio quality also increased, yet there is still room for improvement. Isn’t there always?

After this endeavour, I decided that I wanted to showcase my full knowledge, and edit our movie so I could get rid of minor inconveniences. This was the final product.

In short, what I learned throughout the course of this project was how to find and verify good sources, how personal belief or events may make an impact and how this impact can lead to change. I got the opportunity to see consequences and repercussions throughout history, and this has given me a better perspective on the repercussions of my own actions. What I will take away from this project is a new self awareness, knowledge of revolutions throughout history, better research abilities, practice and comfort with conveying my perspective and a lovely new ringtone curated by my peers. I would highly recommend that you check it out.

Recently, I have found it necessary to monitor myself and work on my productivity abilities. Considering the fact that I have a life to live, and sleep to get tonight, that will be all for right now. I know. WHAAT? Do not fret. I will be back tomorrow, as I have created a video that scrutinized the subject of these blog posts in depth.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night” – The Truman Show

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