Sayonara, Suckers!


Today will be different from my other Student Blogging Challenge posts. Normally I being with a rundown of the day, a silly worthless fact and then consolation about how much I loved the challenge. Today will be different. Today, we mourn the loss of the SBC.

This has been a rollercoaster from start to finish. I have met many new people, explored new ideas and cultures, created a boatload of surveys, a lifetime supply of title cards and commented on 100 different blogs. 

Before this challenge began, I was not a very adequate blogger. Obscure studies done in Iceland show that 203% of people who read my posts now experience PTSD. I don’t blame them. Most of my posts were a mess of titles, derivative jokes and stolen pictures. I can not believe that I just admitted to that. During the SBC, I developed blogging skills, learned how to watch my online persona and interacted with people half way across the world. It truly will affect me, and I will carry those skills for the rest of my life.

Well you thought you could get rid of me, but under no circumstances am I NOT coming back next year. I hope that everyone actually enjoyed this nonsense, except for people who listen to Nickelback. If you listen to Nickelback, get some help. This is supposed to be a safe space.

I will miss this sincerely, but that does not mean that my blog is stopping altogether. I will still post weekly about my PLP reflections, and perhaps even about miscellaneous things. This is not the end people.

My goal for my blog in the future is that I will be able to successfully run an active blog like Kathleen Morris. Perhaps I could even host my own blog hop at some point. But for now, this will remain your everyday rant from a cynical teenager.

As we take our moment of silence, please digress. I thought that it would be nice to compile some of my favourite moments over the course of this challenge.

Favourite blog post: When Galaxies Collide Favourite comment: a while ago I got a gem of a comment who I have Collin to thank for. I had almost much fun responding to him as I did reading his comment Favourite challenge: week three, commenting. This is because I found my new favourite app through this challenge. I hope that by now you can hear my sarcasm through the screen. Least favourite challenge: definitely this week, week eight. It is disappointing that the challenge is finally over. I also faced a challenge with week seven, festivities. This is predominantly because my family is… intresting. Most memorable moment: getting a shoutout from Kathleen Morris on the SBC website! Favourite moment: pressing the ‘publish’ button on all of my posts.

Thanks for sticking around!

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

4 thoughts on “Sayonara, Suckers!

  1. Hi Ally,

    Wow, what a wonderful post. You drew me in instantly from that creative title!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the challenge. You are honestly such a talented writer. You have an outstanding voice and I hope you’ll continue writing. I think you could definitely make a career out of it!

    I’m sure you’ll achive your goal of running an active blog too. Maybe you could even have a blog with helpful information for other students. I’m sure you could gain a really large readership!

    I also hope you’ll consider being a volunteer commenter for the Student Blogging Challenge in the future. You’d be such a wonderful role model to others.

    Best wishes for a very happy holiday,

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thank you so much for organizing this year’s challenge. I had such a great time.

      Blogging would be a really alluring career idea. I have always loved writing, and to have the chance to do it day and night sounds incredible.

      In the future, I would be honoured to help out with the challenge. Since the challenge began, commenting has become one of my hobbies. To be able to do it next year would be amazing.

      Yours, and happy holidays,

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