The War That Attempted To End All Wars, and Failed Dramatically


It is a universally known fact that a vindicated nation experiencing tension during 1914 will likely start a world war. WW1, the ‘war to end all wars’ is no exception.

The driving question for this project was “How can exploring stories and text help us understand the impact of WWI on Canada’s identity”. Our final product would be a book created in Book Creator that includes historically accurate information on our given WW1 topic. In my case, I wrote several pages on the Unknown Soldiers of WW1, as well as a short summary of the life of William Cheetam Taylor.


We began this process by identifying different historical perspectives of WW1 through our first milestone, the Domino Effect. Short answer: I enjoyed this aspect of the project, but I spent too long deliberating on all of the possibilities that I could have achieved with so little restraints. As a result, my assignment is not what I would have originally envisioned.

Secondly, I found myself using parallels to the competencies when we began milestone three. I found myself taking a historical perspective, and using my literary skills to comprehend this research. Additionally, I put extra work into finding professional and credible sources.

Finally, we simultaneously began a side project, which was a literature circle in which I read the book “Generals Die In Bed”. I have always loved book assignments, and I was very excited for this project because I had heard of this notorious book. I put extra time into taking notes and ensuring that I had full comprehension of the multiple aspects.

Final product


As I look upon my final product, I am proud of how I incorporated multi-media strategies. I was very inspired by Grace’s book, which provoked thoughts as to how I would grab the attention of my audience. Overall, I am satisfied with the work that I displayed throughout this project.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

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