We May Not Have the Cure For The Coronavirus, But We Do Have The Cure For Boredom


In this turbulent era of time, with international quarantine, an oncoming pandemic, the stock market crash and a rescheduled release date of Stranger Things, I can understand why many people are under the impression that we are currently on the brink of a pandemonium. On Thursday, March 19, the school board of directors in British Columbia released news that K-12 education services would close indefinitely. Who do we have to thank for this genuine decency of the first degree? The Coronavirus! If you were unaware of this novel new virus, take the test below to determine why!

A) I find news of any sorts irksome and vexatious. For this reason, I have been self isolating from any human interaction.

Reason: For someone with no knowledge of the Coronavirus, you seem to have a prodigious understanding of how to self quarantine. Qualified individuals will tell you that this is because you are naturally introverted or ambiverted. Generation Z will tell you that this is because you are one of them. Zodiac enthusiasts will tell you that this is because you are an Aries. Fortunately for you, I am here to tell them that their assumptions are all incorrect. There are only two acceptable forms of constant self-isolators. Members of society who do not want to concern themselves with the current state of their country, and Dwight Schrute. If you do now fall into either of these categories, I would suggest that you find an alternative method to stay updated about the Coronavirus for the health of others.

B) My name is Patrick and I live under a rock.

Enough said.

C) My name is Donald Trump

This may not be a political platform, but I am allowed to express my many sentiments about this tête d’air.

As you rest, I advise you to stay safe and healthy, but don’t fret. The hundreds of female positivity posts circulating on Instagram are sure to make Corona retire soon. While you are waiting for that closure, here are 26 things to do in your spare time!

1. Sign up for Duolingo, and learn a new language

Learning new languages is a hobby of mine, and Duolingo makes it fast and easy to learn.

2. Finish any homework that was assigned to you over break

Perhaps writing this is a hypocritical statement, as I happen to be the queen of procrastination. My advise would be to check your calendar for a free day, and then use the Pomodoro method to get started. The Pomodoro method involves taking a 25 minute work period, and a 5 minute break. Maybe you don’t want to finish the whole project in one day, but beginning it the first step to finishing. Once you get started, it will become easier to continue.

3. Pick up a ball and practice the sport, or invent your own variation

Once you have finished, make the task even more fun by teaching the game to a sibling, friend or parent.

4. Start a blog

You have a whole repertoire of knowledge that could be shared with the world, and perhaps you could help another fellow kid who is suffering from boredom. Once you start blogging you become invested in a whole other community.

5. Refurnish or paint your room

Allow me to set the scene. It is March 22 on a Sunday, and I am sitting on my floor brainstorming pastimes for my siblings. I look at the unused tube of paint that has been sitting on my dresser since Christmas, and I come up with a somewhat destructive idea. Three hours and a whole tube of blue paint later, I have painted my door with a FR E SH A VOCA DO sign. Was it a doubtable outcome? Yes. Did I ever doubt the outcome? No. Hotel? Trivago.

6. Bake or cook something

I challenge you to bake or cook something using only the ingredients in your house. Bonus marks if it is actually edible.

7. Reorganize your phone

I would try to avoid spending your spring break on your phone, as the blue light that is eradicated can be toxic to your photoreceptor. Nonetheless, be creative with the wallpaper and organization of your apps. Perhaps you could add a live lock screen.

8. Work out

When you eventually go back to school, you want to appear even better than when you left. And yes, I know this is cheesy, but developing a stretch and workout routine will do wonders for your health.

10. Listen to a TED talk or Podcast

This is my go-to activity when I have nothing on my schedule. Listening to a Podcast is even more beneficial than watching a movie, as it allows your brain tp form new neural pathways. Surprise yourself with a new subject that you have no knowledge about.

11. Sign up for clubs or volunteer opportunities in the 2020-2021 year

12. Go for a hike, or take your pet for a walk

13. Try meditating

14. Enter an online contest

Are you a talented writer, aspiring movie director, have an astonishing idea or even just want to win an obscure online giveaway? This is your chance to impress both yourself and others by practicing something that you enjoy.

15. Update your resume

Clarification: Now may not be the time to find a job, but I can assure you that once Corona concern has died down and companies have been stabilized that you will want to find a source of income.

16. Research universities

Yet another one of my favourite pastimes, it is never too early to connect yourself to your dream school. This increases your chances of meeting all of their entrance qualifications, and forming ties with school administrators

17. Invent something useful for your daily life

My favourite pastimes last continues to grow. I enjoy doing mini projects that don’t require many materials. Put those Bluesky skills to work and make sure your put it in a non-discreet place.

18. FaceTime your friends

While the majority of the world is panicking, it would be smart to occupy yourself with friends. I am not going to elaborate on this subject, as I am sure that you have already done this. Let me leave you with these words of wisdom: be creative.

19. Solve an online puzzle or make your own

20. Call your family

I understand that we are not always in the mood to pick up a phone and talk to family that we barely see for a long period of time. Believe me, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But in this time of trouble I am sure that your family would love to speak to you. Take this time to get closer, and remind your grandma that not going to Costco is part of social distancing.

21. Try origami

22. Watch the Netflix series Dark

This German Netflix-Original has been my saving grace. I will try not to turn this into a tangent, but it is really intellectually stimulating. The music is amazing, and the concept is pretty fascinating.

23. Try a difficult bike trail

This is more of a note to self, as I have always wanted to bike a mountain trail. Bring snacks in case of a fall, because eating is always the answer to your sorrows. Oh, you have mangled your Achilles’ tendon? Here is a granola bar. See what I mean?

24. Read a book

This may seem like a crazy concept for some people, but reading books comes with many benefits. Pick up something random, or set a reading goal for yourself

24. Research your birthday along with Florida man

The last option may not have clunked your cowbell, so here is an extra just in case. The rules of researching the Florida man are as follows:

– Avoid the deep web

– Stay within the first page of Google. After that, we are talking about some pretty weird things. For the sake of your innocence and sanity, only press articles on the first page of Google.

25. Try your own variation on the Pepsi challenge

Recreate a beverage in your home, and then compare it to it’s originator by making a sibling taste it. I tried doing this with my brother and a drink that I called a quarantini. Spoiler alert: it did not go well. Use this activity at your own risk.

26. Learn or practice an instrument

Teach yourself a new song, or improvise. Please, go ahead and play whatever strikes your fancy.

Looking for more resources? Here are a few highly qualified blogs who can go into more detail on these subjects.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

Dark Energy and Reflections Upon My Existence


Greetings, and welcome back to yet another lengthy blog post. I am currently typing this because I have managed to work myself into a funk about the endless winding road that is PLP reflections. Don’t get me wrong, undertaking this procedure is essential to the learning operation. Although 54 blog posts into my second high school year? That is approximately 30 blog posts in my eighth grade year, and seeing as there are 10 months of school that brings us to a sum total of three blog posts every month, which is equal to one every ten days. Sitting down in the same location, beginning with the same opening sentence and ending line has me yearning for a more purposeful reflection method.

I am currently procrastinating completing two different blog posts and all of the work that they entail. Seeing as this is the case, I have decided to do twenty minute of research on the modern knowledge of dark energy. I hope this pleases you folks. Enjoy my weapon of mass procrastination.

Dark Energy is a hypothetical form of energy that exerts a negative, repulsive pressure, behaving like the opposite of gravity. It has been hypothesised to account for the observational properties of distant type Ia supernovae, which show the universe going through an accelerated period of expansion. Like Dark Matter, Dark Energy is not directly observed, but rather inferred from observations of gravitational interactions between astronomical objects.

Proportion of matter in Universe

Schematic representation of the total mass-energy density in the universe.
Credit: Swinburne

Dark Energy makes up 72% of the total mass-energy density of the universe. The other dominant contributor is Dark Matter, and a small amount is due to atoms or baryonic matter.

In 1998 two teams of astronomers announced that distant, z~1 type Ia supernovae were slightly too faint than model predictions of an expanding (yet slowing) universe. To be fainter, the supernovae must be farther away and this requires that the expansion of the Universe was slower in the past. Both teams agreed that the universe is going through a phase of accelerated expansion. Dark Energy was invoked to drive this acceleration.

Ok I am still not in the mood to work, although a stress-free weekend is calling my name. If you happen to be one of the few people reading this before it is archived, then congratulations and welcome to the elite.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

Read This Star Wars Blog Post You Must



I present to you in the pixels, a paragraph summarizing why we as a society seem to be infatuated with Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, anxious children and poorly hairstyles teenagers alike sat down in theatres for what would become one of the most iconic movie sagas in history. Star Wars. But the questions arises, why do we care about Star Wars? Of all of the thousand low budget sci-fi movies, why Star Wars? I believe the answer to this question is because of the links and associations that we have to the franchise. Allow me to illustrate this. I would be willing to be that all of us have a childhood memory associated with Star Wars. As we age, think back fondly to the times during which we had connected to Star Wars. Because Star Wars is such a prominent part of all of our memories, we are still able to reference the movie today. In other words, Star Wars has helped us bond to others in the past, and because of the fond memories that we have of the movie, we are able to use connections and references to bond with others today. Furthermore, we are able to see a lot of parallels between the movies and our own lives. By this I don’t mean that we see Wookiees on a daily basis. The plot line itself, or the hero’s journey can be reflected in our own lives. Just like Luke, we lead very mundane lives. Just like Luke we took a risk and stepped across a threshold, not knowing what the future would hold. Just Like Luke we sought and found adventure, and the result changed our lives. Just like Luke we carry a deadly laser beam and drive a spaceship.

Star Wars plot drawing and representation. Darth Vader, lost but not forgotten

Because of the parallels in the plot line and our own lives, we are drawn to the story of Luke and Lea. Finally, we enjoy the movies because the real world relationships. If you are like me, then this may seem less obvious to you. But believe me when I say that we see connections to this franchise everywhere. For instance, Disney will hide Easter eggs in children’s movies. We see box office hits such as Indiana Jones, E.T. and Marvel pay homage to the series. Even it’s rival franchise ‘Star Trek’ can’t help but include a reference. Not only does including a reference to the series please or attract a large audience, but considering the popularity of the movies, by referencing or comparing something to Star Wars we are automatically able to build an image of this certain something in our heads. In short, our love for this timeless series simmers down to three things. Connections, parallels and referencing.  Use this information wisely, and may the force be with you.

As some of you may know, the new Star Wars movie is being released in mid-December. PLP is getting the opportunity to see this film soon. So do not fret, it won’t be long untilI bother you with another blog post,

”Good afternoon, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

New year new me

Salutations folks.

Disclaimer: this is a sensitive topic, and I write it in spite.

I think this is the perfect chance for us to have a little discussion a about the atrocity that was this school year.

Now I came into it feeling like I had rockets on my shoes. I was going to take PLP by storm, and I would have my head in the game. Spoiler alert, this is not what went down.

My first couple projects were above and beyond what they needed to be. It only went downhill from there. Grade 8 is a hard year, especially because of the kids. Long before PLP changed us into the people we are today, we all got on each other’s nerves. During that period I made some enemies. People forgot me, people mocked me. I was called both dumb and ugly. We made it through that period, and Oregon was the turning point. But we didn’t make it out without one or two people on my nerves.

I had a huge learning ark this year. Just look at my first poster all the way to my blue sky project

Then came the award ceremony, awarded to the “exemplary student”. The “ES” award is awarded to the student who shows leadership and creativity all throughout the year. What narcissist decided that awards were a good form of expressing this? Only two people can win the award, making it automatically a coveted opportunity. I know that every single PLP student deserves this award. Why do they hand it out? Is it simply to say “here you go, favourite student. You won the popular vote, and your work sucks less than anyone else’s. Here is a useless plaque to put up in your room just so that we can show everyone else is not to your level”. Honestly, common.

The recipients of this award deserved it, and I am happy for them. But this little exchange put doubts in my mind. Why am I in PLP? For all of the tears, and nights of stress, working my butt off just so that I can get recognition ? (which once again, spoiler alert, I didn’t). I didn’t need a silly little plaque. I needed to know that after everything I went through, it was worth it. That I didn’t need to cry, or panic. The message I am getting at the moment is “try harder”. Hilarious.

I can tell you right now that the people who received this award did not have a mental breakdown because of how much they wanted to receive this award. And I am not saying it should be handed to me on a silver plater. I should earn it just like everyone else. But the criteria which we must attain is not a level playing field for everyone. Several people came into PLP with a set of skills well accustomed to the program. Some did not, but their teachers saw a spark in them that would drive them the distance. I came from a school which had never taught me about goal setting, New France, or even what a personal project was. Now compare this to a student who came in with a background in these. The level of drive, which is not visible on the outside necessarily is drastically different.

Well then. Now that I have let off steam about that, let’s address this “popular vote”.

1. This vote does not even count towards the final results.

2. We get little input, when in fact we are the ones who should be dictating who the class leader is. Teachers like to think they see the whole of it, but over the course of the year I have noticed many quiet leaders, who actually lead our class with dignity and poise

3. What the teachers see are the loud leaders. The people with the loudest screaming voice. These are not the RESPECTED leaders of our class. In fact, I find it really hard to work with these people because of how they may take credit for your ideas, or because they may use that loud voice to make all of the decisions, leading to an outcome that I am not proud of.

4. Those who are not “popular”, but who actually dedicate themselves to the work are overlooked. Do you really trust our class to choose who the best worker is? There is not question that we are going to pick the student with the loudest voice, or the funniest jokes. Everything is a joke to us. One would think that would be obvious by now.

The purpose of this blog post was not to complain about awards. But not winning lit a fire under my butt. PLP, this may be the end of the road for us. But if it is not, then watch out.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

Bulls: a common mythconception


This subject is very topical at the moment, and holds a place close to my heart.

So let me put it bluntly

Bullfighting conjures a common image: An angry bull charging at a matador’s small red cape, the muleta. But, why does the beast charge at the sight of red?

Actually, it doesn’t. Bulls, along with all other cattle, are color-blind to red. Thus, the bull is likely irritated not by the muleta’s color, but by the cape’s movement as the matador whips it around. In support of this is the fact that a bull charges the matador’s other cape — the larger capote — with equal fury. Yet this cape is magenta on one side and gold or blue on the other.

Still don’t believe me? In 2007 the show “Myth busters” decided to test this theory on a live bull in inquiry using colour versus movement in three separate experiments. First, they put three stationary flags, which were red, blue and white, in the bull’s enclosure. The bull charged all three flags regardless of color. Next, they put three dummies dressed in red, blue and white in the ring, and again the bull charged all three without discrimination (and actually charged the red dummy last).

Finally, they put a live person dressed in red in the ring with the bull. That person stood still while two cowboys — not in red — moved around the ring. The bull went after the moving cowboys and left the motionless red-clad person alone.

So, if a bull can’t see red, why is the muleta red? The small cape comes out in the last stage of the bullfight, when the bull meets its end, and its color helps mask one of the more gruesome aspects of a bull fight: splatters of the animal’s blood. Make sure you don’t tell Ferdinand.

Considering that I only just learned this tells me that people are very ready to believe any explanation that explains a situation, but of course I didn’t need bull fighting to realize this. In fear of enraging a crowd of people (yes I can feel you guys picking up your pitchforks), I am going to stop there because all of what should be said

Eggplant rant: Octopuses or Octopi


This subject holds a deep place in my heart. I have always enjoyed grammar as a subject, and it just so happens that my number 1 pet peeve is when someone incorrectly uses the plural form of “octopus”. So allow me to enlighten.

The word “octopus” is derived from the Greek form, “octōpous”, meaning exactly the same thing that it means today in modern English. This form extends to Latin, as it was still referred to as an “octōpous”. But when you consider the English form, which is “Octopoda”, the two words are combined into “octopus”.

The issue arises when you attempt to make this noun plural. Mirriam Webster claims that he plural is “octopi”, while other sources such as Fowler Modern English dictionary (with that name it is eveident they are not to be trusted) claims that “the only proper plural way to identify the noun is “octopuses”. But after further research, it has become evident that the FME is correct.

The plural octopi is hypercorrect, coming from the mistaken notion that the -us in octōpous is a Latin second declension ending. The word is actually treated as a third declension noun in Latin.

The plural octopi is based on an incorrect attempt to pluralise the word based on an incorrect assumption of its origin, and is rare and widely considered to be nonstandard.

Another subject states that “the proper plural is octopodes, though octopuses probably works better in English”. So we will never really know the truth. This is one of the worlds biggest mysteries alongside Atlantis and Patrick Swayze’s hair.

So for all of you out there who are currently getting your dreams crushed, I apologize. My only intention was to make the world a more grammatically correct place.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see y’a, good afternoon, good evening and good night” ~ The Truman Show