Sayonara, Suckers!


Today will be different from my other Student Blogging Challenge posts. Normally I being with a rundown of the day, a silly worthless fact and then consolation about how much I loved the challenge. Today will be different. Today, we mourn the loss of the SBC.

This has been a rollercoaster from start to finish. I have met many new people, explored new ideas and cultures, created a boatload of surveys, a lifetime supply of title cards and commented on 100 different blogs. 

Before this challenge began, I was not a very adequate blogger. Obscure studies done in Iceland show that 203% of people who read my posts now experience PTSD. I don’t blame them. Most of my posts were a mess of titles, derivative jokes and stolen pictures. I can not believe that I just admitted to that. During the SBC, I developed blogging skills, learned how to watch my online persona and interacted with people half way across the world. It truly will affect me, and I will carry those skills for the rest of my life.

Well you thought you could get rid of me, but under no circumstances am I NOT coming back next year. I hope that everyone actually enjoyed this nonsense, except for people who listen to Nickelback. If you listen to Nickelback, get some help. This is supposed to be a safe space.

I will miss this sincerely, but that does not mean that my blog is stopping altogether. I will still post weekly about my PLP reflections, and perhaps even about miscellaneous things. This is not the end people.

My goal for my blog in the future is that I will be able to successfully run an active blog like Kathleen Morris. Perhaps I could even host my own blog hop at some point. But for now, this will remain your everyday rant from a cynical teenager.

As we take our moment of silence, please digress. I thought that it would be nice to compile some of my favourite moments over the course of this challenge.

Favourite blog post: When Galaxies Collide Favourite comment: a while ago I got a gem of a comment who I have Collin to thank for. I had almost much fun responding to him as I did reading his comment Favourite challenge: week three, commenting. This is because I found my new favourite app through this challenge. I hope that by now you can hear my sarcasm through the screen. Least favourite challenge: definitely this week, week eight. It is disappointing that the challenge is finally over. I also faced a challenge with week seven, festivities. This is predominantly because my family is… intresting. Most memorable moment: getting a shoutout from Kathleen Morris on the SBC website! Favourite moment: pressing the ‘publish’ button on all of my posts.

Thanks for sticking around!

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

‘Tis The Season


Last week on the SBC we challenged ourselves with learning more about the universal language of emojis. You can check out that blog post here.

Today marks the seventh week of the SBC. If my math is correct, that means that I have been actively annoying all of you for the past… month and three quarters. Wow soldiers, I salute you.

This week is no exception. We were challenged to do some research on a holiday that suited our fancy, considering that holiday season is right around the corner. One of the most sacred holidays in my family is Christmas, and probably not for the reasons you think. For most families, Christmas is a time of joy, laughter, snow and hot chocolate. How did this holiday begin you may ask? Good question.

Do I really need to caption this

The origin of Christmas

The middle of winter has long been a time of celebration around the world. Centuries before the arrival of the man called Jesus, early Europeans celebrated light and birth in the darkest days of winter. Many peoples rejoiced during the winter solstice, when the worst of the winter was behind them and they could look forward to longer days and extended hours of sunlight.

In the early years of Christianity, Christmas was not celebrated. Easter was one of the most predominant holidays. The holiday was only embraced years after the birth of Jesus. By celebrating the holiday at the time of the winter solstice, the number of participants increases.

When Christmas was cancelled

In the early 17th century, a wave of religious reform changed the way Christmas was celebrated in Europe. When Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan forces took over England in 1645, they vowed to rid England of decadence and, as part of their effort, cancelled Christmas. By popular demand, Charles II was restored to the throne and, with him, came the return of the popular holiday.

Christmas today

Today, the holiday is a joyous one. In fact, it is my favourite holiday. Well known as a time of cold weather, not chocolate, carolling and cheer, even parents aren’t swayed by the fact that they have to purchase expensive gifts for their children.

Stockings above the fireplace

Because this is redeemed by the fact that kids are being scrutinized by Santa. Even I fell victim to the ‘be good or else we will phone Santa’ when I was younger. But this isn’t the reason what I love the holiday. This story goes far beyond the realm of your imagination in a land far, far away. I like to call this land…Parksville. And it takes the form of a family reunion (duh duh DUH).

My family

My father’s side of the family is honestly something else. We are comprised of several different strong personalities, and several basket cases. Here is a list of five highlights that have happened throughout family reunions through the years

My uncle once decided to order pizza at two in the morning. The entire family still up and going strong at this point in the night, I can vividly remember my uncle rehearsing how he would get mad at the pizza guy.
My cousin receiving his very first Google Echo. This was once again at a very early time in the morning, as ten cousins sat around in anticipation of the gifts to come. My little cousin, who will refer to as John unwrapped his Google Echo. He proceeded to screech at the top of his lungs “HI ALEXA” until it turned on. Not only did the device get angry at bring called Alexa, but we woke up our neighbours.
A while back, while I was in Mexico I woke up at an ungodly time on Christmas morning. Considering it was my dad’s birthday, I insisted that we walk out onto the beach. While out on the sand and building my majestic architectural genius of a sandcastle, I ended up finding a hole filled with baby turtles. From the limited knowledge that I had of baby turtles (thanks National Geographic) I knew that a) these turtles were only a few hours old, b) there was a lot of turtles, in fact there had to be hundreds, c) the fact that the babies had not made it into the ocean yet meant that they were somehow not able to. So I set about with my dad, at five in the morning, liberating baby turtles. In the end, I did not get to keep them and each and every turtle made it to the ocean.
Christmas is all about helping others. This story takes place right after the previous one. After helping the baby turtles into the ocean, a hotel employee came by to tell us that animal service had been phoned. Spoiler, it never was. The hotel ended up keeping twenty five of the one hundred turtles, and selling them for a profit like house flippers. What I experienced was very heartwarming. Someone went up and bought every one of the twenty fiver turtles for two hundred dollars and released them into the ocean.
While in Parksville, another one of my young cousins who we will refer to as Tim. On Christmas morning we woke up to the lovely Ishtar of snow. But to the dismay of Tim, the new Xbox that he received could not function because the snow blanketed the antenna. So in his underwear, he climbed onto the roof to adjust the antenna. Don’t ask me how he got up there. He ended up falling off and impaling himself with prickles. We spent multiple hours lint rolling the prickles out.

Despite all of these stories, Christmas is still about family for me. It is a time in which I get to see my best friends, and eat my grandma’s world renowned jujube cake.

What are the holidays like in your family? Feel free to take this test here:

To sum this holiday up, I have chosen this handy stock photo. I hope it gives you more insight into the crazy overwhelming spirit that my family shows towards Christmas. This picture reminds me of the holidays because this is exactly what our house looks like during the holidays. Ok, maybe our house is not the size of a shopping village. But you get the point.

Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Tune in next week for another episode of SBC!

What you should take away from this blog/lesson of the day: always stick to the four main food groups. Stay healthy kids.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night” – The Truman Show

Emojis: Generation Z’s Weapon


Hello fellow bipeds. To 🎬 the day off with the ol razzle dazzle, here is a very bad joke stolen from a mediocre site probably 🏃‍♀️ by a 14 year old Pinterest fanatic.

This week, we  🎉  the sixth week of the SBC! I know I say this every week, but I mean it when I say that I really enjoyed this hebdomadal activity. We were tasked with learning more about the universal challenge that is emojis. Here are 5 fun facts about emojis!

1. An overwhelming amount of the population has used emojis. Studies suggest that 95% of the phone using population has at some point or another.

2. Putting emojis in digital channels tends to increase engagement.

3. There are 3,019 official 🍎  emojis

4. There is such thing as the emoji awards. Last year, the emoji to with was the thinking face.

5. Emojis were 🥇 created almost 20 years ago

It all started with emoticons — facial expressions made out of punctuation — which made their first appearance in an issue of an 1881 magazine. You heard me: 1881. Emoticons are older than Maggie Smith. It was just about 100 years later (1982, to be exact) that emoticons were first incorporated into computer language, and they became more mainstream after the turn of the millennium.

Emoticons began their reign of terror in 2012, after 🍎 updated their software to iOS 6. Ever since then, both the lazy and the basic have shared something in common.

Now let’s discuss the emoji awards more in-depth. I believe that this year, one of the emojis from the following panel should win.

Contestant number one, it’s 🧐!
This emoji represents 2019 to me because:

  • People are constantly scrutinizing each other
  • We are growing as a society and learning new things
  • This is everyone’s reaction when Donald Trump posts on Twitter

Emoji numero deux is 👌

  • Everything this year has been dandy so far
  • The baby boomers have taken issue with the frequency that this emoji is used, and are now turning it into a white supremacist symbol

Last but most certainly not least, we have 🦑! There is no explanation needed.

In your opinion, which of the following emoji’s should be 👑 reigning emoticon? You can vote here:



Which emoji sums up 2019?


Emoji quiz

As a form of getting to know emojis better, here is a quiz that I have created. It takes all of your responses about hobbies and opinions and gives you an assumption about which emoji you would be.

Now that you know more about the spirit of each emoji, let’s test your knowledge. Wow I sure am starting to sound like a walking advertisement.


Emoji Mathematics

Have you every thought to yourself, “man, I would be amazing at using my limited knowledge of emojis to solve fifth grade math problems”. Well me neither, but on the off chance that someone has, allow me to humour you

Disclaimer: the following equation has been verified by Stephen Hawking. Albert’s deal of approval still pending.

Insulting emojis

This is my way of getting on emoji developers  attention. Sponsor me please 😀.

I made a promise to you last week, that I would have an extra special surprise this week. Although I may not be finished yet, there is still hope. Charlie Brown finished War and Peace in one weekend. Anything is possible.

Until next week.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

Treble is brewing


Fun fact of the day, studies show that your heart conforms to the beat of a song while you are listening to it.

Good morning my avid music fans. It is week five of the student blogging challenge. I have yet to lose my sanity, so in my opinion things have been gong pretty well.


• Music’s effect on the brain

• My studying playlist

• The history of the violin

• 10 fun facts about my favourite artist

• Quiz on the blog post, and your preferences survey

• The coffee jingle

• Using music ethically online

This week, we were challenged to delve into the subject of music. Music is something that affects each and every one of us very profoundly. Not only do many people form deep connections with it, but music is scientifically proven to alter our brain. More often than not, this happens when someone hears a song that they enjoy. This could be Mozart, the Beatles or Bruno Mars. But it can’t be Nickelback. God forbid it is Nickelback. If it is, then please leave my blog at once.

Ok good, now that we have gotten rid of the CRIMINALS, allow me to proceed. Music is very primal. It has been used since the very beginning of time as a form of communication. We cannot put a label on the origination of music, yet we are able to assume that people in as early as the nomadic area used it to communicate to others. In many early civilizations, music was considered a ritual or a tradition. Even in present times, music is careers, pastimes and comfort for every human bean out there.

Music is careers, pastimes and comfort

A subject that has always interested me was the impact of music on the brain. If you were to take a careers worth of information and simmer it down to these three points, then they would be:

1. You would not be able to remove music from history without it making a profound impact on the society of today

2. Music is all about expectations, and what you will expect to come. Different types of music have different levels of expectations. For instance, if you are studying then a rhythmic and repetitive song would be a smart choice

3. Whether you know it or not, each song that you hear leaves a different impact on your brain. This helps our memories, and our brains ability to make connections

What are some of the uses of music? Well everyone has a different relationship to music, so this answer will vary. For me, music is a means of supporting the mood that I am in, and providing a quietly inspiring backdrop. I listen to it mainly while I am studying. Scientific evidence shows that listening to music increases your focus and productivity. Therefore, while studying is a great time to listen to it.

I have always been a classical music girl. I promise you that I don’t have a stick up my butt. Since I was very little, I have always chosen Beethoven over Ariana Grande. To this day, I still listen to Vivaldi at breakfast and Tchaikovsky on the way home. My favourite composer is Bach. A magnificent baroque-era composer, Johann Sebastian Bach is revered through the ages for his work’s musical complexities and stylistic innovations. He earns the sought after title as my go-to study music composer. While revising and finishing my homework, I often play a playlist dedicated to his music. This includes Overture, Brandenburg Concerto n.2, Golenngould variation of Brandenburg concerto and Anna Magdalena Notenbuch. Not only is this music hopeful and inspiring, but it is also precise and relaxing making it both the perfect creative outlet as well as revision music.

This is the official playlist

Believe it or not, the effect that a piece of music has on you is profound, and comes down to the cusp. Often people associate Mozart with writing essays, while Tchaikovsky is perfect to listen to while you revise your math notes. As I touched on earlier, a small difference makes a big impact.

The violin

The violin originally crafted by Andrea Amati, the creator of the violin

The violin has always fascinated me. It is almost always associated with child geniuses who are able to play it backwards while swimming in the Olympic freestyle while also receiving their PhD and their blackbelt in origami folding. This instrument is so much more than that. The violin is arguably the world’s most popular instrument. Its expressive tones suit a variety of musical styles, from fast and furious© to slow and sanguine. It is an instrument of the strings family. Becoming popular in the 16th century with both commoners and nobles, the violin has remained a democratic instrument, universal and versatile.

The development of the modern violin was gradual and complex, evolving from a variety of other stringed instruments. The pear-shaped lira, found in Europe as early as the ninth century, was played in an upright position and bowed. The influence of the two-stringed rabab, an Arabian fiddle introduced to western Europe in the 11th century, and the three-stringed rebec, which appeared in Spain between the 11th and 13th centuries, likely as a result of the Crusades, is also reflected in the modern violin.

Most historians agree that today’s violin emerged in the early 16th century in northern Italy, an area which would maintain the violin-making tradition over the coming centuries.

Now it is time for me to rant about Bach. Here are 10 fun facts about my favourite composer.

10 fun facts about Bach

Now that you are probably asleep, you are invited to wake up and take a quiz! It will cover the topics that I have discussed, as well as ask for your opinions on the matter. I would suggest it for the interested, the opinionated, and the I-have-nothing-better-to-do.

Next week, I will show the constructed graphs with the results from my survey. The winner will receive a very special prize. For the less perceptive of you, this is my own personal form of luring you back. Effective, huh.

For our final activity of the week, I created a song of my own. Earlier on in this blog post, I mentioned that Bach actually created a coffee jingle. In honour of the master himself, I illustrated it, and brought it to life.

This song is my new ringtone. My one wish would be that Tim Hortons would drop everything that they are doing, and sign this jingle. This was Bach’s calling all along. I am unable to express the joy, sympathy and pure genius that seeps from this video. I had an epiphany tonight. Brownie points to whoever starts a petition to bring attention to this riveting, emotional rollercoaster of a coffee jingle.

Using ethical sources

Let’s have a brief chat about using ethical sources for your music. The background music that I used in this video was copyright free, and royalty free. As we discussed in week three of the SBC, always ensure that the music you are using is ethical. Here is a checklist to go though before using music in a video or a project

1. Is this copyright

2. Yeah, there is no number two. The point is to wither make your own music, which you can use GarageBand for, or find royalty free music online. It is as simple as that. Please don’t get in trouble for stealing music that is not for that purpose or that you did not create. Please and thank you.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, then feel free to visit my blog post where I went in depth about sources, or you can watch this video here. It explains it very well

I am sorry that I did not comment on ten billion blogs this week. I am currently in the process of one upping myself, although I am a very busy girl. I promise that next week, I will have an extra special surprise.

Stay classy, planet earth.

”Good afternoon, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

How to avoid getting copyrighted for using photos

Salutations, and welcome back to episode three of my mental breakdown.

This is the third week of the SBC, and our challenge was teach ourselves, and in turn others, about using photos ethically online.

What does it mean to use photos ethically online? I guarantee you that we have all gone onto Safari, and saves the first stock image that pops up to use for our own purposes. I am guilty of this. This is where that behaviour stops. Because according to the copyright act and regulations, any property online, whether it be a photo or a video etc. that does not belong to us is not available for our use. In fact, it is illegal. It may not seem like a very big deal at the moment, although take a moment to consider your actions. This creation does not belong to you, and you have not earned the title of creator. Therefore, you are effectively stealing it. Yes, this all sounds very menacing, but trust me. There are simple, yet rewarding methods to create your own photo.

1. Create your own photo

This method may seem evident, and perhaps taxing. Trust me when I say that this is actually the most efficacious method. The best way to use a photo tailored exactly to your preferences is to make one yourself. For this task, I use the app Sketches.

I would proceed by choosing a photo that has an element that you would like to include, and drawing beside the photo. I understand if you are not very artistically talented, because me either, you can always trace a shape using the stencil.

This was a photo that I created using Sketches. As you may know, I always include a “pun picture” at the top of my posts. I have always used Royalty Free photos, but my goal is to begin using my own hand more often.

If you would like to learn more about Sketches, then I would suggest watching this video. It gives a very clear and compelling explanation of the tools at your disposal.

2. Royalty free images

Are you still not satisfied with the visual? Maybe there are details in the photo that it would be pointless trying to execute. In this case, I have the solution for you. Royalty free images are an easy way to avoid the laborious process of creating a photo. Royalty free images are uploaded to the internet under a different set of regulations. This means that it is not illegal to download and use this photo. In fact, this photo has been uploaded for that purpose. It is possible that the creator does not care for their work, but I prefer to think of them as the Good Samaritan in this situation.

All you have to do to find a royalty free photo is to search up the subject that you would like to find, and then add royalty free. Google will automatically filter all of your results.

If you are using a desktop, then the story is different. I have found in the past that Google finds it difficult to push past copyright photos. An alternative method would be to change your search engine settings from everything, to non-copyright.

This is a very effective tutorial on this subject

3. Use a Creative Commons website

A Creative Commons website is a professionally run and updated website with photos free for your use. Yes, you heard me. Just by clicking on the link and searching up your subject, you can pull up hundreds, if not thousands of professional photos.

Even through these websites are basically shoving these photos in your hands, you must always cite your sources. Repeat after me, “cite your sources”. If you are using a photo from one of these websites in your blog post, then add a link to the website in the caption. If you are using a photo in your PowerPoint presentation, then add a test box below the photo with the name of the website. It is that simple.

Some of my favourite websites to find Royalty Free image websites are:

– FreeRange ( )

This website is great because it is an online community of photographers are sharing their work. You aren’t just using the photos from three or four people, if you like a certain style of photos then you are given access to every photo that the photographer has chosen to give to this website.

– Unsplash ( )

Unsplash is a side-project started by Crew, an online marketing agency dedicated to making your design dreams a reality. Besides providing free stock photography, Unsplash also showcases graphic design work done by users with their MadeWith section. This is the website that I use most often, not to be biased.

– Flickr ( )

Flickr is a multi-dimensional website that attracts photographers from around the world. If you use this app, you will be guaranteed exactly what you are looking for. This is an online community app, which means that not all of the photos will be Royalty Free. Although, this does not take away from the fact that this app is amazing.

I hope you profit at least a bit from my ideas. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment away (shameless self-advertising)

The final enjoyable task of the week if one that I may have had too much fun with. We were tasked with choosing a photo off the internet, and creating a picture prompt, which is a short story inspired by the photo. This was the photo that I chose.

It was September 22. Kayley and her friends were sitting on the Santa Monica Pier, watching the quiet water. You could hear screams in the distance. If you couldn’t see the roller coaster, it might sounds like someone screaming bloody murder. Small, lazy clouds floated above as the sun set slowly. Kayley pulled out her Polaroid camera to capture a picture of the beautiful moment. But when the picture revolted itself, it was strangely askew. The second photo Kayley took was blurry. The third photo she took cut out part of the Ferris wheel. Kayley was confused. Was something wrong with her camera? Her friend Sierra walked up behind her and peeked at the photos, before starting to laugh. “What”, Kayley asked with aggravation. “Well,” said Sierra, “can I offer you some tips?” Kayley welcomed the idea.

When taking photos, always remember to:

– Keep the camera steady

– Choose an angle that displays everything in your shot. For example, the further away the shot is taken, the more you will be able to see in the photo. If you want more sky in the photo, then choosing a lower angle would be smarter.

– Remember the rule of thirds. Always keep you eye catcher to one side of the centre

– Compose your shot. For the best results, put some thought into what you want it to look like.

Kayley followed Sierra’s advice. The photo that came out was a masterpiece.

The end.


Ok maybe I won’t be an author any time soon.

That is it for this week of the SBC! Tune in next week.

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

Comment commandments

Salutations, mis amigos.

It is that time of year. Christmas is in the air, the Student Blogging Challenge is in full swing, and spirits are high.

Our challenge this week was to highlight the importance of ethical and authentic commenting. I practiced this subject back in grade 8, and last week I got the chance to visit a few different blogs who were also participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.

Leaving a comment that is kind, respectful and specific can enhance the information that you are publishing. For instance, the difference between these two images are stark.

Image one

Image two

While one image is well composed, thoughtfully formatted, and grammatically correct, the other is… not.

The importance of leaving a “good comment” extends beyond saying something nice. This comment is offering information to the creator, and may influence them personally, or the post itself. This is why we need to be very careful.

To highlight this point, I created a poster entitled digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is something that we have talked about in PLP since the beginning of time. It implies your presence and effect on the internet. Which included others than yourself.

If this subject is something that interests you, I would highly recommend this video. Not only does it show visuals and examples of digital citizenship, but it complains throughly about modern society. My kind of video.

The second aspect of this challenge that I took part in was creating a video about what a good comment is. I decided to extent my boundaries of Keynote and Explain Everything, and trouble shoot with a website called Powtoon. Overall? This took much longer than it should have. Although, I am proud of the final outcome, considering that I used personalized code to create the effect of a hand tracing the letters.

This video does contain a glitch, it becomes especially prominent at the end of the video.  Conclusion, if you are looking for a website which will give you the creative freedom to code your own videos, as well as offer an array of templates, this is the website for you. Let’s all cross our fingers that you are also patient enough to deal with the glitches.

The final activity that I took part in this week was becoming a self-taught HTML whiz. I went in with high hopes, I came out of 3 Kahoot! quizzes, many different tutorial blog posts and a 98% quiz average. After learning how to insert italics, headers and images, I decided to create a tutorial about how to insert these codes using Explain Everything.

This week of the SBC was enjoyable, and I can’t wait for next week! Mentally prepare yourselves, people

”Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – The Truman Show

Avatars 101


This marks the beginning of a golden age for my blog. The Student Blogging Challenge.

I have participated in this challenge in the past, namely last year. It was a very fun and engaging experience, mainly because it gives us the chance to interact with all walks of people.

Of course so that everyone knows that I am not an internet catfish, the first step in this process will be creating an avatar.

An avatar is a personalized image which reflects something about you, such as your appearance or your passions. In my case, my avatar is a picture of prison Mike from the Netflix hit show, “the Office”.

I am elated to start this challenge once more.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” – the Truman Show

See you later, alligator.

Salutations good friends. Long time no see.

I am aware that it has been a hot minute since I have checked up on you sadistic fiends, but look who is back, better than ever.

Unfortunatly, this is the last week of the Student Blogging Challenge. In other words , my motivation for those fun little games that I play with you each week has flown out the window. Don’t fret my friends. This is not the last you will see of me. Reintegrating Scintillating will continue to be an overdramatized source of dark outlook on the world, but until the Student Blogging Challenge starts up again, you may see less of the quirky me, an more of the diplomatic, Ally the PLP student aspect.


Don’t be turned away by my slightly deflated alter ego, she won’t be gone for long. You just wait unti I get my next chance to torture you all with my controversial opinion.

In case you all dont know me well enough, this is me saying thank you. I found a discovered new Ally while sharing my opinion on this blog. It may be the innocence if writing this all out, and the confidence I get while opening up to the world through a screen. I am really glad that I have discovered the magic of blogging.

Now it is time to face the elephant in the room. The final product, a reflection on all of my hard work which has gone into Reintegrating Scintillating. Do you want to know how I feel about my blog? Well I have a feeling that you can guess it right on the dot. I could not be more happy.


Sure. It is full of over the top rants, raw ideas and opinions, and titles that sometimes have nothing to do its the subject of the post. But that is exactly who I am. Every aspect of it reflects me exactly. That is what makes me proud.

Out of everything that I have posted, and all that I have made public, my favourite challenge had to be the “science challenge”. As it may be obvious, I take any chance that I get to rant on subjects that I love, so this challenge had to be a highlight. Some honourable mentions include my “words of wisdom” page, the emoji game, and the six second talk show. I have the Student Blogging Challenge to thank for the opertunity to fulfill these challenges. Though I am glad for the opertunity, I may be slightly utilizing this opertunity, for I do not believe that I completed these challenges properly. I do admit that I can sometimes be rebellious and headstrong, therefore completing the challenges in the exact way that I was told not to. If I do participate in the future, then I hope to learn to grasp the concept of listening to the instructions, editing and revision of posts and possibly being more of a participant; (ex. Commenting, taking the time to check out other blogs, etc).

But SBC, this will not be the last you see of me. So without further ado, I would like o thank my mother, my toilet, and the prickly jus I keep in my fridge. I will now perform a dispersing act. Poof.

”Goodmorining, and incase I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight” ~ the Truman show


Salutation, fellow, you know I am really running out of explicitly.              endearing terms. So for now, salutations friends.

welcome to week nine of he student blogging challenge, the week that was not quite as glamours as it may seem. It involves pain stalking accuracy, as the cumperter needs a very sharp and precise line of notes. It will only understand the commands under certain circumstances. Which is why it took me the longest time to review a simple line, thats only purpose was to capitalize one word. But let’s let the program speak for itself.

Step one. Leave a comment for Alex.

Alex, this is the sadistic readers of my blog. Readers, meet Alex. Alex codes for edu blog, comething that I do not have the guts for. Wen we code, what we are doing is we are sending very soesific commands in the language of technology, code. Just as humans connect verbally, computers communicate in one strings of incoherently aggravating numbers. i hope that you have the same emotions towards this as I do. What would the world look like if we all spoke in code? “@$%@$&^**”. Basically a large Tin Tin comic. So what could possible go wrong? Ah, my smart citizen. The minute you mess u one command, all of your work is reduced to dirt. And the one possessing astute talent may notice that some act like this may reduce me to dirt. Would you like me to demonstrate? Great.

Step two. Try an hour of code activity.


For my activity, I attempted to recreate and code a flappy bird game. Do you want my honest opinion? I do not see the relevance between this type of coding, and the real coding. Whereas here they offered me creation of a pretreated game, the real coders woul have coded my coding. Make sense? In doing hour of code, I was hoping for the real thing. And that may be a lot to ask, but by doing a grade 8 level, I felt like I being forced to play with those little colourful building blocks all over again.

I am fully aware of how full of myself I sound, but I was really hoping for a more advanced work space for older and more ambitious coders, although, I did notice how well this was done. The website moved smoothly, most likely because it has all of the best behind its astonishing nature.

Step three. adding code to your blog.

This last step was probably the brobdingagian threats to it. I was concerned that I was going to create a glitch in the Matrix, or something sweet like that. For this reason, I avoided the last task until the last minute. But it really is not that difficult. For someone who enjoys precise movements, this is the hobby for you. Painstalking, not for me, but fun nonetheless. So have fun coding my friends, I am here is you ever need a chill pill or a anger management therapy talk, so code away. But always remember, your exit is to your left.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” ~ the Truman show

Caution; blog under construction

Salutations once again good friends. Have fun trying to get rid of me.

So since by now we should know each other like the back of our hands, and using just a little bit of physic talent I can read your mind right now.

Allow me to demonstrate?

Right now you are thinking, “let’s play a game”. See, a screen does not need to define the way that you know a person. Let me break it to you. Unfortunately to your dismay, you may find out that I am not physic. I simply have a large brain.

I am assuming that if you stuck around this blog for longer than 30 seconds, then you would find out that I have a soft spot for games. And being able to tolerate all my nonsense about them, then you must too.

You know what else I know, if we have something in common then we enjoy actually doing something with our brains. So rather than me rambling on forever, let me propose a crazy fact: we just do it. This message was not sponsored, nike this is your cue.

What universal holiday are we coming up to

1. Valentine’s day

2. The birthday of the assistant publisher of Harry Potters child’s babysitters half cousin

3. The birthday of a very popular guy who got so popular that he was killed for being so popular which only made him more popular

If you guessed any of the above, wow you must be a guru, because your chances were slim. Even though just made my inspiring talk of the day on ow well we know each other, why don’t I test that theory. Which of the above is my favourite holiday?

If you guessed Saint Patricks day, then you are correct! I am a sucker for… you know on second thought Christmas may be a more abbreviated choice.

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

Thank you oxford dictionary. Nike has still not contacted me, so if you ever need a sponsor anywhere in the future.

How am I doing at this whole “cutting down” thing. Couldn’t agree more.


Wow, that was a mouthful. In case you had an issue reading the last statement, we are going to be having a little bit of Christmas fun, and Reintegrating Scintillating is going to get a makeover. You may notice some changes in the wallpaper, brought to you by google images (cough*still don’t have a sponsor), and I will attempt to add a Christmas clock.

To me, Christmas is about good times in he snow. But this may differ by person. In case you don’t know who Jesus is, he was a holy christian messiah who was born on December 25th in a manger. Apparently this dude was sent down by god, and people got really happy, and rejoiced him for being a pacifist.

Recently, the PLP 8 class has been learning about religion, which I will post about in a good minute, and just a couple days ago we got to visit a Catholic Church. Now as an atheist going indide of one for the first times, I found this to be a pretty nea expeirience, and an intresting way to learn about culture. But one of the most intresting facts that was stated, was that jolly old man that we call Santa Claus, actually used to be a saint. His name was Saint Nick, and he was known for giving gifts to the young and the poor. Later when Catholicism migrated into the Western Hemisphere, and the holiday became widely North American, he was christianed Santa Clause. All of this time I thought that sonata was. Purely created myth for young children.

Merry Christmas to all, come back and check later what has been bettered on my, blogater?

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“Good morning, and I case I don’t see ya, good afternoon good evening and good night” ~ the Truman show