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Once Upon A Time In Moina

Hello everyone! This is a blog post that isn’t for school… my first one of the sort, I am pretty sure. I mean, this blog is technically dedicated to my schoolwork, but I have an interesting story to tell, and… Continue Reading →

A COVID-19 Podcast from a Quaranteen

Helloooo people! Welcome back to my blog, it’s Amelia here. How is everyone during these strange times? I hope you’re well, and staying safe. Alas, school must go on, even through this epidemic. I’m not complaining, though— I had a… Continue Reading →

The People’s Podcast: Minorities in Canada

Hi Everyone! Welcome (back) to my blog! Another blog post, another Humanities unit finished… and right before spring break! This year seems to be flying by! I can’t wait to share with you our most recent project and unit, which… Continue Reading →

That one story about those two “star-crossed lovers” (A Parody)

Hello friends and blog visitors! Welcome back to my blog. To follow up on the theme of my previous couple blog posts, and as you may or may not have guessed from my title… Humanities 10 brings us on yet… Continue Reading →

The Daily Verona

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog once again, this time for the third This Week I Learned. If you don’t know yet, every week I’ll be doing a blog post about what I learned in Humanities about Romeo and Juliet…. Continue Reading →

As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee!

Bonjour! Welcome to another “This Week I Learned” post. As you might know, each week I’ll be doing a TWIL post while we read Romeo and Juliet in Humanities class. I’ll be reviewing what we learned by choosing a specific… Continue Reading →

This Week I Learned… the Importance of Retelling Classics

Hi everyone reading this blog post! I’m back again with something a little different than usual… In Humanities, we’ve begun a unit about Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s classic tale of tragedy and romance. For this particular unit, each week we… Continue Reading →

Vergiss deinen Namen, du bist nur noch eine Nummer.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Humanities blog post… the last of the year! Woooooo! New year, new me, new blog posts…… I can’t wait! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s focus on the task at hand— this… Continue Reading →

Imagine all the people…..

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! This time, I just finished a…. poetry unit! Pretty cool, right? I actually really love poetry, and this unit was the perfect opportunity for me to explore more about my understanding of poetry,… Continue Reading →

Mussolini and Fascism: The Fascist Century

Click the image above to read my essay!  Hello friends, neighbours and fellow bloggers. Before I get into this post, you all may be wondering, Amelia, where have you been? It’s been soooo long since your last blog post. Well,… Continue Reading →

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