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Mussolini and Fascism: The Fascist Century

Click the image above to read my essay!  Hello friends, neighbours and fellow bloggers. Before I get into this post, you all may be wondering, Amelia, where have you been? It’s been soooo long since your last blog post. Well,… Continue Reading →

Inspiring Change (and coding)

Hello friends, fellow Blue Sky-ers, or anyone visiting. This is the final post of my Grade 9 year!…….. ahhhhh! It’s crazy how far this blog has come, and it makes sense that my last post is going to be about… Continue Reading →

Borders and Book-chats

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. This is the last ever Humanities post from Grade 9! It’s so crazy to look back to my first post, and how much I’ve (hopefully) improved my blogging skills since then. Or, at… Continue Reading →

tPOLs: A Cooler mPOL (sorry mPOLS)

T-POLS: A REFLECTION Welcome to my very first tPOL! Yayyyyyy! Unlike my mPOL from the past, I now have a slight idea as to what I am doing. Sort of. A tPOL, to me, is a reflection of my work,… Continue Reading →

Time Traveling (sort of)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog. This post is gonna be a little different than anything I’ve ever done before, because it’s something I’ve never talked about on here! I’m going to introduce you to something called PGP. PGP… Continue Reading →

Clone Army!

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog. Time for another Scimatics unit finished! This is our last science unit of the year, unfortunately. But we’ll be starting another unit very soon! Our big idea for this unit was “cells are… Continue Reading →

Being Safe at Work

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. This post is about an entirely new topic that I’ve never discussed on this blog before because we’ve never gone over it before! This post is about a Workplace Safety course we began… Continue Reading →

Lord Durham (in 60 Seconds)

Have you ever thought about how easy Humanities class would be if we could learn about one person or topic in just 60 seconds? No? Well, it admittedly would be a breeze if we could soak up a good amount… Continue Reading →

The Matter with Matter: Methane!

Hey there. Welcome back to my blog! It’s time for another fun, exciting post about… science! We recently finished a unit on the biogeochemical cycles. And when a unit is finished, you know what that means…… a blog post! So… Continue Reading →

It’s Just Common Cents Pt. 2: Destination Imagination Provincials 2019

Hello friends, and welcome back to my blog! This post is a follow-up to my other post about a certain special thing called Destination Imagination. Just to reiterate, Destination Imagination is a tournament that takes place worldwide for school kids… Continue Reading →

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