Homeschooling: a new take on learning

Right now I’m in grade 9, and I go to Seycove Secondary School. But before I came here, I was homeschooled. And I wasn’t only homeschooled for a little bit, like some people, but I was homeschooled for my whole life.

Now, some people might think that since I was homeschooled, I might be “less smart” than my peers in school. And that’s where I say you’re completely wrong. Of course I can’t say that ALL homeschoolers are smart, but most are quite competent, and some are even above par.

Another stereotype that I’ve had to fight my whole life is the idea that homeschoolers are “less social”. Some people who are homeschooled may live in a place where it is hard to see their friends in real life, but even then most homeschoolers have some type of online presence.

One of the most common questions I got when I decided I was going to go to school was “oh, that might get overwhelming, you know, with a whole bunch of people…”.

Well, some of my closest friends are the ones I made while I was homeschooled. And it wasn’t like I was forced to be friends with them because they were the only people I knew, because in the last group of homeschoolers I was a part of there is 150+ kids of all ages.

         (Some faces blurred to protect identity)

That is one of the other reasons I found homeschooling to be such an amazing experience. Since there are no “grades” that are split up, you are friends with whoever you get along with. For example, one of my friends is 8, and I trust her just as much as my friend who is 17.

Homeschooling is also where I found my love for theatre, especially musical theatre. I have been in 4 musical theatre productions, and I miss them just as much as I miss all the friends I made while doing them. I started in a musical production of Seussical, and since then I have been it productions of Peter Pan, Annie, and Madagascar the musical.

(Again, faces blurred to protect identity)

Overall, even though it gets a bad rap, I think that homeschooling is a great way to get a new point of view on the world, and if I could I would make sure everyone get at least one year of being homeschooled. It is such a unique learning experience, and you get opportunities that you might not get till much later on in school.

And of course, my experiences aren’t the same as everyone’s. There are many people who struggle with homeschooling, and I get that. But this how I experienced it 🙂


  1. Chandran A Reply

    Very fine thoughts and experiences packed in your blog.In India the experience could be different as seen by me here.Makes me think….

    • ameliar Reply

      Thanks for your reply! I agree, homeschooling is seen in different lights all around the world

  2. Rylee Reply

    Hi Amelia, I’m Rylee and I’m amazed by what you had to say about homeschooling. I think it is important to know that you have a life when homeschooled, for example a friend of mine is cyberschooled and I still talk to her. Throughout this blog I was never tired of the information, I actually found it very interesting. I will spread the word about this blog when this topic comes up. Come over to my blog and maybe you will see something. My site is

    • ameliar Reply

      Hi Rylee!
      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you learned something!

  3. Alex Reply

    Nice post keep it up!

    • ameliar Reply


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