My Science Project

This is our science project with my partner James. Our project was to make the Rube Goldberg Machine that  contains 7 parts.

Here is my recorded video.

Flipboard, the new source of information?


So a week ago our IT 10 class has done a project using Flipboard. Flipboard is a social-network aggression app that’s formatted to function like a “magazine.” It collects the contents from a various social media and put all of it in a magazine format, which then the user can “flip” through their feeds from the information that they collected from a various websites.  Anyway, Flipboard that I created shows the reader the  fun aspect of Science. I chose this subject because I see lots of teenager in my school who thinks Science as one of the “boring” subject. In addition to that, I want them to understand that Science is actually really cool. I really enjoyed this project because I actually learned lot about the current news and topic while I was reading through the Flipboard. It’s funny that I don’t have anything that I disliked. I think I will keep using this after this project, because this is actually really fun and easy way to learn about the current topic.  Anyway, this is my Filpboard, the title of my flipboard is called “All about the fun in science,” I hope you enjoy! (Click the photo, it will take you to the site.)

How does one not love thee?

A poem done in my English class by Amir & James, with a help from Justin! (Annnd yes I know how cheesy the last part sounds…   :D  )

How does one not love thee?

How does one not love thee? For she is the world beauty.
Her eyes are like a diamond, shining bright,
Her lovable smile and laughter lights up my body on this snowy night,
My heart jumps as she stand in front of me wearing a gorgeous red dress,
That snowy night, I knew for sure that I love thee.
So, I proposed under the moonlight,
And I knew everything will be alright,
Years later, I have a beautiful wife and soon a baby,
How I got here, that I don’t know,
But I know that I will protect what’s important to me,
I want my child to grow happy,
Roads ahead of us might be bumpy,
I want to Buy a new house and maybe a puppy,
I shall but love thee until death do us apart.


Disrupting our World

From the first invention in cellphone, the mobile technology has only been improving. It wasn’t long ago when mobile phones were the size of bricks, super expensive and it only functions as a phone. These past 10 years, mobile phone begin to get smaller and smarter. Teenagers around the world exchanging messages on their cellphones and use it as a part of their 21st century life. I see this as core of a revolution. Mobile communication and social networking were never thought would be possible. It’s already started to change how the people interact, shop, share and create. In the era of a smartphone, it’s just fair to say that it can also function as a computer to a some extent. It has an operating system like a computer, and you can also use it as a phone. You can send emails from it and work on documents you download from your computer. It also has an ability to surf the web online. However, with the advance in mobile technology, you see people addicted to cellphones. When you walk down the street, you see people on their phones, there are no more talking face to face anymore. When you want to talk to somebody, you text, and when you really need to get hold of somebody, you call. It seems like technology actually made people to have a distant connection with the community. Over all, mobile technology has taken us this far, our world is literally in our hands. Now it depends on how we use it.




The Underground Railroad

This is the video I made about the music in the Underground railroad. I hope you enjoy. All the links are in the description in the video.


This is a video that I made with the explain everything iPad app. The purpose of this video is to give my thought on William Wordsworth’s poem “The World is Too Much With us”.



The Life of an Early Settler

Dear Sonja,


It is I, William. I haven’t had a time to write you. I know it’s been at least 6 months, but that’s because  I have been working on our land. I haven’t seen you on the day that I left. However, the boat ride were horrible, it was crowded and lots of people got sick. I was worried that I would get sick.  The boat itself was really old, and a carpenter that I met have to fix it every now and then. I am glad that I made it here safe. Before I came here, I heard that I would get the best land with a big house for our family. It turns out that the land were huge, and you can get it way cheaper.  When I arrived, I was completely taken by a surprise! I was amazed by the beautiful nature there. But, when I got there, it was different than what I thought it would be.  There are nothing here, only trees, I have to start from scratch. It’s really hard working from higher class to low class worker. I was encouraged  by my parents to come here, because they heard that the Upper Canada had a land set for farming, but apparently it wasn’t what I thought would be. But no worries, I can do it. The hardest part was the winter here, I underestimated how bad it can be. I got pretty sick for a while, I have to stay inside the house for weeks. Sometimes I didn’t have any dinner for days.  Anyway, I had some good and bad moments since I moved here, but I think I will make it fine. I’m hoping that I will see you soon.


Write to you soon,


Love, William

It’s All About Perspective

Even far from as an ancient civilization, farming, politics and prostitution were human’s professions. Unfortunately, women who enter into the business thinking that they will get rich, it’s never the case. Prostitutes often get beaten and abused while the pimps get paid. By legalizing  it will put an end to this as the women will become their own boss, and pay taxes in return of privilege and protection. Legalization of prostitution will lead a better/healthier life, because they will stay free from STI’s. Before any engagement between the customers  they have to have a complete test to make sure that they didn’t have any health issues. Customer will need a certification from a qualified doctor to serve and protect women.

Best example of what happens when a country legalizes prostitution and provides support to the profession is Holland.The country has laws to protect prostitutes which allowing the business to flourish. Laws are helping the prostitutes against pimps and alike. Red light districts manage to keep them away from schools and college areas hence segregating the public from its effects. Women have doctors around the red light district who can perform tests and checks immediately. Overall, the situation is much more congenial for the women as well as relaxing for the profession.

It’s really hard to find a bias to an argument beginning with “the world’s oldest profession.” Anyway, the statement “world’s oldest profession” is pretty much fancied up version of “earliest form of forced labor.” If you have seen their past, most of the feeling they have are helplessness, despair and lost dignity. This would be in opposition to the satisfaction felt by fairly treated professionals. Legalizing prostitution just shows the lack of sensitivity and respect for women.


Immigration to Canada

In our social study class we had to do research about immigration to Canada. So this is a presentation that I made. It tells you how and why to immigrate to Canada. It’s funny, because I become a Canadian a while ago.


Getting Specific, Snipsnap

My friend and I did a project where you have to research a company that has used the mobile platform to be disruptive to an industry. Our app was on Snipsnap, it’s a coupon sharing app. I hope you enjoy!

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