🍒About Me🍒

Hello! It’s Amy. This is my post about me. Below I have a list of things about me. Some are random, and some are actually interesting. Here we gooo!

  1. I have never had an avocado
  2. I am in a really cool Apple Distinguished Program called PLP
  3. I have a sister in grade 10
  4. I play Ringette, which is basically a mix between hockey, lacrosse, and basketball, and it’s on ice. It’s confusing.
  5. I love to read
  6. My favourite book right now is Carry On 1 and 2 by Rainbow Rowell, but my favourite book of all time is, of course, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  7. I really like musicals. A lot
  8. My favourite movies are Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and The Princess Diaries. You might notice a theme there
  9. If you noticed the theme, good job, but if you didn’t, it was Julie Andrews, aka the queen of the screen
  10. This summer I went to Keats Camp, which was SO SO SO much fun
  11. I also did a super fun acting intensive at Bard on the Beach
  12. I really like painting, not as much detailed painting, but more abstract stuff
  13. I also really like calligraphy/lettering
  14. One of my hobbies is acting, as well as costume design
  15. I love fashion a lot, which basically means I don’t have any money because I spend it all on clothes
  16. I have never been outside of North America, but I want to travel more often
  17. My favourite place is either Vancouver or Victoria
  18. I have the cutest cousin ever, Henry, who is 3
  19. My favourite song is She by Dodie. It’s pretty good!
  20. I really like doing crafts
  21. I can’t function if I don’t have a schedule
  22. I live in either jeans or a hoodie
  23. This is my first time blogging, and I really like it!
  24. One of my hobbies, if you count it as a hobby, is thrift store shopping
  25. I really like watercolour paint

Those are some facts about me! Feel free to comment on this post!

Bye for now,