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Woah…It’s Student Blogging Challenge Week 4!


For the Student Blogging Challenge this week, we got to chose whatever topic you want. At first, I was a bit hesitant, because there are so many things I could write about. Then, I got the perfect idea. This week, it is Halloween! Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, and I love to celebrate it. I am very very excited for this year especially. This year, my friends and I are dressing up as…


Yay! I am so excited for this. My friend Hannah is going as the 90’s, Ryan as the 80’s, Annie as the 70’s, Nya as the 60’s, and I’m going as the 50’s. Let’s break down the costumes.

Hannah, who is the 90’s, is going for the kind of 90’s schoolgirl. Think Britney Spears and Clueless. Ryan, who is the 80’s, is doing the neon, sorta workout type fashion. Annie is doing the classic 70’s hippie, complete with peace sign necklaces galore. Nya, who is the 60’s, is doing a super cool minidress, British fashion kind of look. Think the type of clothes the girls that were Beatles fans would wear. I am doing a  50’s sock hop outfit, with a great pink vintage skirt that I have.


  • Hannah-90’s
  • Me-50’s
  • Annie-70’s
  • Nya-60’s

I am very excited for Halloween this year. I love our costume and I can’t wait to wear it at school. I hope that more people dress up, because in high schools not that many people typically wear costumes to school. I am also very excited for the candy, because candy is really great. In my mind, Halloween is a perfect holiday!

That’s all for now! Bye!

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I love this post. Its is creative and fun, My favorite decade would have to be the 80s. Your topic was really cool when you picked it because lots of people love decades, I know for Halloween I usually always dress up like someone from the 80s because of the big hair and colorful out fits. Anyway my name is Lilli and I live in the USA. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to check out some of my blogs. I hope to hear from you soon!! Have a great day 🙂

Hi Lilli!
Thank you for your comment! It’s cool that we have the decade costume thing in common. What is your blog link?

Hi Amy,
Love your blog about Halloween. Do you still go trick or treat? You did mention about candy being great…Personally, I’m not a fan of Halloween because I hate masks and creepy costumes. I like the photos that you included. Did you take them?
My name is Mrs. McGuire, and I teach 7th and 8th graders in a small town in IL.
Have a great week.
Mrs. Mcguire

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