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Woah…It’s Student Blogging Challenge Week 5!


Isn’t it crazy that we are already halfway through the Student Blogging Challenge? That’s crazy to me. Anyways, for this week, our theme was Music. We had eight task choices, and we could chose to go three or more of them. I chose to do the music quiz, the music survey, and the music playlist.

My first task was the survey. I made my survey on Beam, which is a really great and easy chart maker. I chose to ask people around me, like my family, and I also put a thing on my Instagram story. I put in a photo of what I did. I actually got a lot of responses very quickly! I am going to keep on updating the chart as I get more responses.

Chart Maker – BEAM

My next task was the playlist. I made a playlist with all of my favourite songs right now, but I am sure that it will change very soon. Music is one of my favourite things, and for me it is something that is important. It can tell you a lot about someone. Here is my playlist!


I hope you enjoyed it!

My final task was the quiz. I made my quiz about 1990’s-2000’s music. I like this genre, and I think that it is something that lots of people will know about. I made my quiz on Google Forms. Here it is!

My Quiz!


That’s my Student Blogging Challenge Week 5! What is your favourite music genre?

2 replies on “Woah…It’s Student Blogging Challenge Week 5!”

Hi Amy,

I’ve been away for a while, with no internet connexion, so please excuse my delay.
You have done such a beautiful work that I’m going through every detail in wonder.
I agree with you that music can tell a lot about someone: our musical choices mirro something that dwells subtletly and deeply in our souls.
My favourite music genre is classical music, mainly violin and piano.
Do you know Emily Bear, the young composer?
As our Challenge is winding down, I wish you a very happy Christmas!
#STUBC Miss Ines

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