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Student Blogging Challenge Week 6!


For this week, our challenge was emojis. I am a big fan of emojis. I probably use them to much, but they are helpful. A picture can say a thousand words! Wow, that was cheesy. I decided to do 3 task options. Here we gooooo!

Our first challenge was Emoji Math. I have seen these puzzles before, and I really enjoy them. I made my math in a program called Sketches Pro. It is a drawing tool that is really easy to use. My class is using it a lot right now. All of the emojis that I used were weather emojis. With the change in season, and Daylight Savings, the weather is changing a lot. Weather can also effect your mood, and I think that weather is pretty cool!

Our next task is Emoji Art. I decided to make a drawing out of emojis. Can you guess what it is?


Our next task was making a Emoji Guessing Game. I made a series of countries out of emojis. Try and guess what they are. Sorry for any stereotypes!


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite emojis?

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Hey Amy, it’s me Hannah,
Wow that’s a great blog post about emojis.
Our class hasn’t done a lot of the tasks we have forgotten to do them. But we have just done week 7.
I love the way you added a photo of emoji and what they mean?
My favourite emoji is the love hear eyes. 😍.
And yes it’s a watermelon.
From: Hannah

These are just awesome! I totally spent the last 15 minutes working on them (instead of grading papers like I should). I am really impressed; honestly. They all took me some time to figure out, especially the math one.

Here are my answers; let me know if I am right.

6+6 = 12
5+4 = 9
4+23 = 27
5×2 = 10
2+6 = 8

Is it is a slice of pizza (probably healthy because the crust is green so it is made out of lettuce)?

New Zealand

Great work!

Hi Adon!
Thank you for your comment. You got all of the math questions right! Good job! The art is actually a watermelon slice. Close though! You also got the countries right! Good work!

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