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Hello! Wow, I haven’t written a blog post in a long time. Anyways, this is my reflection post for our final Scimatics unit of 2019! Of course, there are many more units to come in 2020, but as 2019 is ending, we say goodbye to these projects. For this unit. Our focus was to find out how the side lengths of right angle triangles are related to each other. Now, that sounds confusing! I know. But, we also had to present our learning for this topic. It just so happened that the PLP Winter Exhibition was happening. So, we made a final project to present at that. Our project was making a laser display using lasers, mirrors, and smoke. The Exhibition was also Star Wars themed, so we had to relate to Star Wars in the process, and in the final product. Here is what we made!

We started by making a mind map. We had five branches; Light, Geometry, Triangles, Patterns, and questions. We added our own thoughts, questions, and examples. Here is my mind map!


Our next part was doing some tests on the Pythagorean Theorem. That part is pretty self explanatory.

The next part was making a poster for the Exhibition. The poster had to include a diagram of our triangle, 2 sides labeled, and a calculation with steps to show how to calculate the third side. My group was Ryan, Cam, and I. This is the poster we made!


The next two steps were our Laser triangle design sketch and our Laser display. For the sketch, we basically just had to draw our Star Wars ship. For the Laser display, we just had to finish constructing our ship and our laser triangle. I have put some pictures of the sketch and the final project!

These are pictures of my group building the ship, and the finished product!

This is the sketch that we did!



I hope that you enjoyed seeing my journey through this project! Until next time!

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