Star Wars: A Mini Blue Sky Project

Hello! This is my blog post all about our 2019 Winter Exhibition project. Yes, I already did a post about this. That was for our Scimatics project. You can find that post here. Anyways, for this project we were tasked with creating a mini Blue Sky project. The exhibition was also themed around Star Wars, so it had to relate to Star Wars. We went through a process called the LAUNCH. In this post, you will learn about LAUNCH, the project that I did, the Milestones that we completed, and just about the exhibition in general.

Yay, PLP Winter Exhibition!!!!

Let’s start with LAUNCH. LAUNCH is divided into six different stages, one for each letter. LAUNCH stands for Look, Listen, and Learn (L), Ask Tons of Questions (A), Understand the Problem or Process (U), Navigate Ideas (N), Create (C), and Highlight and Fix (H). Here is a video that goes into a bit more detail about each of the stages, if you want to check that out. We used LAUNCH to get us through this project. I have included a couple of videos that helped our class understand the LAUNCH process.


Now, let’s talk a little bit about Blue Sky. Blue Sky can be called different things, like Passion Projects, 20% time, or Genius Hour. You might have heard of one of those things. They are all basically the same thing. A Blue sky project is when you are given time to create a project of your own. This project needs to be centered on a problem, answer a driving question, and contain a challenge. Typically Blue Sky projects can be about whatever you want. For this particular project, ours was Star Wars themed.


For my project, I focused on costumes. I knew I wanted to do costumes, but I just didn’t know what exactly to do. We had to come up with a ‘How Might We’ question. For example, “How might we make bathrooms safer for trans people?” I knew what I wanted to make, but I didn’t know what my ‘How Might We’ question would be. I was brainstorming a  bunch, and then when I was talking to Ms. Willemse, I had a literal lightbulb moment. I cam up with the ‘How Might We’  question, ‘How might we redesign a costume to fit a colder climate?’ I chose to redesign Rey’s costume. Here is a picture of her original costume.

Since her costume is very fit for a warm, desert or jungle type climate, I decided to redesign it for Hoth. That was the planet room that I was in, which was perfect. You will learn more about those later. Anyways, I wanted to make Rey’s costume fit Hoth. I wanted to keep some of the same elements, so that you could clearly see it was Rey’s costume, but also make it Hothlike. Here is the costume that I made!



We also created LAUNCH Journals, and those were basically was a place to store all of our ideas. I put in my LAUNCH Journal below. On the ‘N’ Slide, there is a video, but because of the format of the exported journal, it cant play, so I also put that down below.


Video for ‘N’ Slide


Like all of our Reflective Blog Posts, we look back on our curricular competencies. I think that I did well with these, and I can recognize that with my overall performance. We had to answer the driving question, “How might I design and build an answer to my own inquiry?” The three curricular competencies that we are reflecting on are: LAUNCH to an Authentic Audience, Reflect, and Creative Connector. For LAUNCH to an Authentic Audience, i was able to do the Exhibition! That was something that really worried me, because at that point, I was not that used to public speaking, let alone having random people look at your work. All of the people that came were a Authentic Audience. Some of them knew what to expect, and some of them didn’t. For Creative Connector, I was able to show my love of fashion, design, and sewing, in a way that made me happy. For Reflect, I think that these posts are my reflections, and they show my reflecting skills. I definitely had some mistakes, and I have identified those. I already have goals for the next exhibition and, and I am actually really excited to tackle another Exhibition project. I think that with the knowledge that this Exhibition gave me, I will be a bit more prepared in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog post! See you in the next one!


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