TPOL 2020

Hello! This is my post for my first ever TPOL! If you don’t know what a TPOL is, it is a Transitional Presentation of Learning. Basically, it is PLP’s version of a student-teacher conference. I also suggest that you check out my MPOL post, because that explains these presentations more! All of our projects in PLP have a driving question. The driving question for this project was:

Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

So, that is a big question, and I am going to answer it here!

Let’s start by looking at some of my work throughout the year.


In Humanities, we did 6 projects throughout the year. I’m going to show you some of the work that I was really proud of, or that pushed my outside of my comfort zone!

When I think of the first project that I was really proud of, I think of the Media is the Message. It pushed me out of my comfort zone because we had to interview people, and that can always be scary! In the end, I produced this ad, which I am still proud of!

My ad for High Life Adventures!

Another project that pushed me was It’s the End of the World. We had to SING! I was really scared for this. Like really, really scared. and in the end, sure, I wasn’t a fantastic singer, and the studio was off, and the pictures didn’t really work, but I pushed myself. I felt empowered, because my class and my teachers had just heard something that I had worked on, and even though it definitely wasn’t the best, I feel like that made me more comfortable with sharing my work.


Now, onto Maker! We did 8 projects. The project that really sticks out to me is Witness to History. I loved making that book, and I worked hard on it. And all of that work REALLY payed off, because in the end, I made an incredible photo book.

Lynn Valley: How Has It Been Affected?


We did 7 projects in Scimatics. I think that a project that made me super proud of my work was the Ultimate Design Challenge. It was really cool to see my work actually 3D printed!

So, now let’s answer the driving question! I think that I am ready to move onto the next grade because I have found joy in my work. Even when it’s hard, and trust me, some of this work was VERY hard, I pushed through, and I have found joy in a final product. I have also learned that every single person makes mistakes, but those mistakes can help you do so much better the next time!

Speaking of next time, SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

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