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I Am Not Objectifying This Story

Hello, and welcome to my very last Humanities blog post of Grade 8. It has been a wild journey full of projects, Zoom, and slightly funny blog post names. This project was called Every Object Tells a Story. Let’s go through some milestones, my final book, and some lovely curricular competencies! Yayyyyyyyy.

We are going to start off with some milestones! I picked 2 milestones that I felt helped me get a better understanding of this project, and were just really enjoyable!

This was a really cool Milestone that helped us get an understanding of the artifact side of things. We had to pick a object that we felt represented the COVID-19 pandemic, then we had to think about how it represents the pandemic for US, and finally, we had to figure out how to share those ideas. My object was a kitchen pot, and you can find out why I picked it by reading my paragraph down below!

Kitchen Pot

In Milestone 2, we had to create a presentation based on a character in New France. We used this website that had information about certain people in New France to help us find a character, and then this Virtual Museum to help us learn about what that character would be doing in their daily life. In our presentations we had to include the following items.

• Full Name
• Birthdate
• Location
• Job / Occupation
• Relationship Status
• Talents / Skills
• Past Experience
• Major Accomplishments

Here is my presentation! Let me know if you like it!

Okay, now that you have seen my milestones, let’s look at the actual finished product. I have embedded my book for people to look at!

The Verchères School for Girls

Okay, that’s my book! Now onto the lovely curricular competencies! The competencies for this project were Communicate and Use Evidence from Various Sources. 

This competency is all about how we shared our ideas when we write, speak, and represent. An example of when I did this is my Milestone 2, where I represented my character through pictures, drawings, and audio. Another example would be Milestone 1, where I shared my ideas on a object that represented this time. I think that I used this competency very well during my project.

Use Evidence from Various Sources. 

This competency was about how we could verify or evaluate evidence to decide if it was adequate to support a good historical conclusion. I think I used this competency in Milestone 2, because there wasn’t a lot of information on my character, but I looked at the facts that were the same between websites, and used those!


Wow, I really can’t believe that this is my very last blog post for Humanities. As I said before, it has been a crazy journey, and we will continue on in this crazy journey next year. Goodbye everyone, and thank you for reading my blog!

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