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The Great War

WWI or the Great War was an awful event that resulted in millions of deaths and wounded. The series of events was sparked by the assassination of Archduke of Franz Ferdinand and had an unimaginable consequence. The war affected all… Continue Reading →

tPOLs 2020

 Every term there seems to be more work than the last, but the years keep speeding up. The second half of the year was equally, if not more eventful than the latter. Throughout the two years, I have been doing… Continue Reading →

Time is Money! But How Much?

You hear the phrase time is money but for different jobs how much would we make for common jobs. Using linear graphs we showed how much we would make, ranging from a few hours to a year. I chose to… Continue Reading →

COVID Against Community

COVID-19 has emerged in the world as the newest pandemic since 2009, that has quickly spread and stopped everyday activities. The virus has affected lots of people and without proper precautions, the conditions will get worse. People will get sick… Continue Reading →

DI Online?

With lots to improve from the previous presentation, we had set goals for provincials. However, with certain circumstances, we would soon find out DI was cancelled by the government. Our PLP class was then going to do it in class… Continue Reading →

DI Regionals | Maker

Another year of DI, another few months of hard and intensive work. DI, short for Destination Imagination is a challenge-based presentation where teams ranging from 2 to 7 people in each group work together to solve the problems. Groups have… Continue Reading →

Metaphor Machines | Scimatics

Build a Rube-Goldberg machine that is a metaphor for the scientific method while using electric circuits. This was our goal for our Scimatics project in this latter half of term 2. A Rube-Goldberg machine over complicates and indirectly solves a… Continue Reading →

The Riel Story

Louis Riel! Most people have heard of him but don’t know his story. Transitioning from the previous project about the Canadian confederation, we would continue through history onwards to the red river settlement. We learnt how Riel fought for the… Continue Reading →

Rewriting Canadian History

Confederation is the union between different parties or groups and provides mutual benefits being a whole nation. Through Canadian history, there were many factors and conditions for Confederation of the colonies and it took a lot of convincing to join…. Continue Reading →

Like Terms Coding Project

When terms or expressions are like, then they can be shortened into a smaller size. Everyone enjoys having a simpler and easier equation so why not take the time to condense it. These are called like terms and they are… Continue Reading →

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