The word means the characteristics determining someone or something but it can mean more than that. 

Your identity is YOU. The place you come from, your physique, culture, religion and many more, define you. It is the shaping traits that make you, you. It is the way your think about yourself, how you portray yourself to the world and how you are viewed by the world. 

We all view ourselves in a certain way. It seems to be desired to have a strong sense of identity as it brings comfort and security. Identity helps us make complex decisions and scenarios and is the backbone to how we behave. The people around you sharing a particular identity can be apart of your community. Shared identity can bring you closer to people and make you feel like you belong to something. 

Basketball, hardworking, student.
These are what define me, and the things I strive to be good at or to be. You can shape your identity to what you want but fundamental aspects of you are hard to change. Nobody’s identity is the same and that is what makes you different from everyone else. I have shaped my identity through hard work and drive to get better.

In class we looked at our identity through a few assignments where we had to think what makes us who we are and how other people see us. Together as a class we came to a definition, but individually the first was our Bio Poem, where we had to add things about ourselves in a particular format. Following that, with this information we drew a self-portrait with two options; mask on and normal face. The mask on represented what people knew about you and the normal face was things not many people knew about you.

The symbols in the GIF represent the key aspects of my life that changed it dramatically. Without these factors I would be a totally different person. With each quality symbol, I aim to get better at it every day. These symbols have kept me motivated and open possibilities I couldn’t even imagine a few years back. I hope to succeed throughout my life with the same morals and I will continue to work where I can accomplish great things.


(If the GIF doesn’t work then click this)

Creating the bouncing ball animation I used Adobe Animate, an animation software with many tools. With a 30 minute video, I learnt how make a bouncing ball and use the basics of the program to achieve the results I had aimed for. Learning new programs is always worth it, a good challenge, and it is mostly fun.

I was able to use a variety of tools, one of them being Adobe Animate, to create a double exposed GIF with animated symbols of our identity. Using Snapseed (which I think SuperimposeX provides more possibilities with double exposures) I created a simple double exposure of me with code edited on. Adobe Animate was a good challenge and it looks way better than anything the iPad apps can do. Personally I think the Adobe apps are where easier to learn rather than AutoDesk where it is much more cryptic for what you need to do. Putting it all together, I used Keynote and its magic move feature which allowed a clean transition from one thing to the next.