Day 1 and 2 done, only 19 days left of humanities. We were introduced to a new project, “The Greatest Canadian,” where we are being asked to find the greatest Canadian through 6 milestones, learning skills to research, determine and contemplate our choice. With all this information we are challenged to make it into an engaging podcast. I would share more about the rest of week but I just summed that up in my recent Podcast Trailer post.

Initially, I think we should make this more refined area because Canada is a giant place and if it was smaller then we could maybe talk directly to the “greatest person” and talk about how they overcame everyone else through hard work and motivation. I am thinking of asking Ransford Brempong, a former pro player, for an interview to talk about how someone excels over everyone else and the work needed to be put in. I am thinking to make my podcast about Steve Nash as the “Greatest” canadian basketball player and how his strory reflects my podcast topic.

I will most likely ask him questions like:

  • How important is the mental part of the game?
  • What makes a player take their game to the next level?
  • How has basketball changed your life in terms of your mindset?