Continuing onto our second week of humanities, this has been packed with information, decisions and discussions to evaluate who is our “Greatest Canadian.” Not only were we pushed to get a lot done, due to the time constraints, but he had to register all the information given through lectures & research and had to keep that in mind for completing future assignments in the project. This week was more centred around research on things that shaped Canada and our individual.

I was notably intrigued by the notes we took on diversity, constitution and Globalization. The three keynote lectures/textbooks informed us on important knowledge for life as a Canadian and future assignments. They provided so much information that backed up the main ideas of the lecture that I never knew about. I tried my absolute best at taking high quality notes as I know will be important when creating the podcast as we will eventually need to relate our podcast to these notes.

I thought the fact that we have all these measures to invite immigrants to Canada it would be easy to find jobs, interestingly it is so much harder to find a job with a degree than if you lived in Canada and the US. The evidence of a whole page was summarized in a small graph which was very useful as it allowed an easier understanding of the topic at large.


Note taking can be taken in many forms and I took notes through traditional and sketch-noting during these in class research panels. It has become easier to find the most important detail and write it quick and short which will definitely come in handy. I am still hoping to accelerate my typing speed so it cuts down on the time spent writing and allows me to think more about the notes I am taking. 

One fun thing that we did during the notes was a Canadian Citizenship Test and to say abruptly, I scored badly, only getting 60%. Which doesn’t look the best for being Canadian all my life. However, I think there is no reason to know some of those things as a teen and how would we know them beforehand without studying.