Moving onto our second quarter, we were introduced to our 3rd podcast project. Our second episode will dive into WWII stories to understand the cause and consequences of the war. Improving on the previous episode, we will learn more about the content aspect and how to fluidly tell the story from the interviewee’s POV.

Nationalism is the source of many conflicts once it gets too extreme and WWII stemmed from this. Introducing nationalism into this project through a writing assignment (milestone 1), made us think about what nationalism is and how we connect to this. Reading the Canadian Encyclopedia, showed how Canada’s nationalism grew and flourished. Listening to the seycove interview on Helmut Lemke, a German soldier in WWII, gave a different perspective on how people thought of the war and being drafted against their will because there is a difference of nationalism.

Another thing I learnt this week was during my research on my interviewee. Asking my CISV camp, (an international camp dedicated to breaking barriers between countries and addressing adversity) if they had a relative with a WWII story, one of the members had a grandmother that lived through the Spanish Civil War. Though the Spanish Civil War ended in 1939, while WWII started, it provided invaluable experience to Hitler’s military, especially the Luftwaffe. They also had the chance to test weapons that were later used in WWII. 

I now need to start taking action and trying to setup a time for the interview while considering the time change. Hopefully I can get a interview setup quickly and then move forward in the project.