Commenting is a huge thing and many people can mistakenly not do it accordingly. For the SBC (student blogging challenge) we had to make a page on the rules we have for commenting.


To create this video I chose to use Keynote and its vast amount of tools. I first had the idea of a comment bubble breaking up into the rules of my post. I used the rules I created last year and then made a personal image for each rule. I use magic move to create the breaking apart effect and look cleaner while transitioning. The only rule I felt that needed explaining was constructional feedback which I chose to explain by showing examples. Almost every image is made from shapes and grouped together to make a recognizable thing. I used my Apple Pencil to draw the broken edges of the comment bubble and matched the perimeters to it. After uploading the video from Keynote, I chose to add music to fill in the emptiness. I go in more depth on how I created the music in my “The Power of Place” blog post.