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Cancel culture does help — at least not how you think

“Sitting down at your computer after a long day at work. You boot up Twitter like usual. And what pops up on your feed appalls you. A celebrity has just said something you hate. Cancelling them seems like the only… Continue Reading →

Pages Tips & Tricks

The main body of the text is the heart of the assignment but the little technology tips always make your assignment just a little better. The tiny tips and tricks sound pointless when used alone but together they accumulate and… Continue Reading →

#5 Weekly Blog Post

  On the final stretch of our 5 week project, this week was packed with things to finish. This week wasn’t so much building but rather reflecting on all our feedback and learning what to refine in our podcast, so… Continue Reading →

SBC | Week 3: Plagiarism

The third week is all about photos and to use them correctly. The consequences of plagiarizing can ruin your life and can get you expelled from post secondary. In PLP I usually use images that I have took myself or… Continue Reading →

Oregon Business Ad Reflection

As a project for our PLP 8 field study, we were tasked to make an ad for a company in Newport, Oregon. I was in a group with Angelo, Anthony, Ally and Malaika. We were given the Chalet Restaurant and… Continue Reading →

Pound & Grain Reflection

Like I stated in my Deep Cove ad post, we went on a field trip to Pound & Grain to get more information on how to make better ads, how they run their business and we got to ask a few questions…. Continue Reading →

Deep Cove Ad Reflection

As a project for PLP, we were put into groups (Kira, Noah, Emily and myself) and told to find a local business in Deep Cove that we could make an ad for. We first had to interview the owner and… Continue Reading →

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