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Taking A Big Leap

≈18,000,000 That’s the number of self-improvement books sold in 2019. That’s more than the biography, true crime, and horror genre combined. And since then, the number has only grown. Self-improvement books have been idolized and have changed people’s lives. However,… Continue Reading →

mPOLs | Presentation of Learning

  It is the middle of another crazy year, even more, intense than last year. I have tried many new things, going out of my comfort zone and spending A LOT OF TIME on projects. Reflecting back on the first… Continue Reading →

Take Your Kid To Work Day | PGP

A few weeks ago, we were privileged with going to our parents work and get experience in the work field. This was supposed to teach us what our parents do day-to-day. However, in PLP, we had to extend our learning… Continue Reading →

PGP | Alberta Field Study

Alberta was a wild trip with what felt like non-stop driving, endless activities and limited sleep. Despite the minor hardships, I had lots of fun, and I could efficiently complete the final project afterwards. In my last post, “The Power… Continue Reading →

tPOLs – Reflection of Learning

Transitioning into the following year we have to do something called a tPOL (transitional presentation of learning). We are tasked with reflecting on each of the PLP subjects providing strong evidence on work ethic, work habits and areas for improvement…. Continue Reading →

PGP Time Machine Reflection

This year we learnt many new ideas, strategies and techniques that helped us more productive students and set us up for success in life. For our year end project for PGP we were tasked with making an artifact that we… Continue Reading →

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