Hi, my name is Anders and I am in grade 9. In my blog post I reflect on the process and product of projects in PLP. PLP (Performance Learning Program) is a project based program that uses iPads to learn, create and revise. We go on amazing field studies to expand the student’s knowledge and the experience the learning in first person. I have learnt so many interesting skills from PLP and I am really happy I chose to do it.

I am heavily into basketball with 9 practices a week and spending my extra time to practice and improve. I am around 6’3” which helps a lot with basketball. I favourite sports team is the Toronto Raptors and I love watching the NBA. My favourite subjects in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). I enjoy listening to music and I play the trumpet in jazz and concert band. I love spending time with my friends and being active. Please check out my previous posts about the projects I have had in the past.