Hi people, at school, we had to interview a local business and make a paper advertisement for them.  My group of four went to our business to interview them and got the answers to the questions that we had.  After we got our answers, I started working on my drafts for my advertisements.

  • First draft of advertisement


With the information that I got, I started working on my first draft.  One main idea that the owned of the business wanted with his advertisement is he wanted it to be simple with lots of space.  As you can see in my first draft, I definitely kept it simple and with some extra space.  I think I chose a nice font and colour scheme.2


With my second draft, I wanted to change it up a bit.  I wanted to keep it simple, with extra space, and keep the colours.  I wanted to change the look of the advertisement and the catch frase.  I think that my second draft became way better than my first draft.


My third draft was a little different.  Again as always I wanted to keep the same simplistic spacious design.  I wanted to also change the catch frase one last time.  One thing I did differently was instead of just using a text box, I used the businesses actual logo.  In the end of making draft three, I didn’t think it looked as good as a text box.  Again, I changed the catch frase and liked it just as much as the one in draft two.  I think that draft three was just as much of a success as draft two.


My fourth and final draft was definitely my best draft.  I tried once again to follow everything the business told me.  I liked the second draft and third draft a lot.  I decided to somewhat combine them together.  I kept the same look as the second draft but decided to use both frases.  I don’t know if this was I good idea in the end but I think that it was.


The last thing I want to talk about is my classes visit to pound and grain.  Pound and grain is this company that makes advertisements for other companies.  From visiting there establishment I have learned many different things.  One thing I learned is how many people it takes to make a big advertisement.  There are so many teams that it takes to make a advertisement such as a creative team and a strategy team.  Another thing I learned is how difficult it can be.  Sometimes companies you make advertisements for don’t agree with what you think is best for them.  It cau result in issues and sometimes you have to stop working with that company.


Overall, I think learing about advertisements is great.  I didn’t think there was so much work in making an advertisement.  advertising is also such a big thing in modern day life.   I think that from this experience I have more knowledge about advertising and now am better at advertising.