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About Me…Again

Hey, welcome back to another blog post. his post is a post about me (another one).  I’m doing this because the student blogging challenge has started up that the first challenge is to make an about page about me.  I think the last one I made is a bit too old now.

Hello, my name is Angelo, I am 14 years old and I live in Canada.  I am interested in music, and programming.  I play the alto saxophone.  I have been playing alto sax for 4 years so far.  I am in the intermediate concert and jazz band.  I prefer playing jazz and blues music.  With programming, I am learning to code in python.  I have already learned most of the python essentials and I am getting more into hacking and computer security.  Also, last year I created an app using swift coding using an application called Xcode.  These are two big interests of mine.  Anyways, I hope you learned a bit more about me by reading this post. There will be more school-related and student blogging challenge posts coming soon.

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