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SBC Week 4 | Free Choice

Hey guys, welcome back to another student blogging challenge post.   In this week’s post, I have the free choice to talk about whatever I want.  Last year when I participated in the student blogging challenge, I chose to talk about my interest in coding.  I enjoyed talking about this so I want to talk about it again.  This time, I’m going to talk more about where I started, where I am now, and what I’ve learned.

In last year’s post, I was just beginning to code.  I was using this app called playground where I was learning simple swift coding.  In playground, I did the project called learn to code 1 where I was put through these little puzzles and making this cartoon character reach the end.  If you have no experience with coding I suggest you try this out.  It’s a great way to get beginners into swift and coding.

A year has passed and I am much more experienced than I was before.  After Finishing learn to code 1, 2, and 3, I started moving on to more difficult things like constructing an app.  I had to make an app for a school project.  I used my Mac computer and some software called Xcode.  Xcode is a very advanced app building software where you can build an app from scratch.  This app using swift coding which was nice because I’ve  already had experience with it before.  Xcode is cool because you can drag different sprites like buttons and sliders and you can code them to do different actions when clicked.

After creating that app, I decided that app creation wasn’t really for me and I dug deeper into python.  Python is another coding language that is fun to use and easier than other coding languages.  It is a great language for simple programs like games, but can also be used for bigger programs.  Python is also used commonly for hacking.

When I first learned about python, it sounded great.  It was a bit more simple than swift but you could still write similar scripts.  I started by watching YouTube series about python.  There are so many different ones out there that will teach you important skills.  Some important skills to learn at the start are variables, strings, and integers.  After getting the basics down on python I took an online course.  This helped strengthen my confidence in using python.  Now, with the paragraph, before I mention that python is also used commonly with hacking.  After I got most of the basics down, I started wondering what types of hacks could you use with a beginners learning experience.  That’s when I started getting into hacking

(Make sure you don’t use hacking for anything malicious.  In my case, I was curious about what tools were out there that anyone could learn and use.)

If you want to start hacking, I suggest you start with one of the different coding languages I talked about.  This is where I am today when it comes to programming and computer security (or hacking).  When I started getting into hacking, I realized that a lot off it is based using the Linux OS (Operating System) and the terminal.  There are many different Linux OS.  The one that I am using is called black arch Linux.  I like this one in particular because there are a variety of tools to choose from.  It takes lots of time to learn each tool but you should first start by learning how the terminal works.  From experience, I find that learning all the commands is about  memorization and you just have to focus and stay determined.  Just remember not to use these tools for harm.  I just enjoy learning about hacking and the different tools real hackers use and the different programs and scripts they write.  Hackers also use different types of penetration devices but that’s for another blog post.

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog post.  I hope you enjoyed or learned something new you didn’t know before.  Maybe this post has helped you find somewhere to start learning how to program.  Bye!! 👋


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