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SBC Week 5 | Music

Hey again, welcome back to another student blogging challenge post.  For this post, I’m going to be talking about music!  Music is another one of my passions.  In this post, I’m going to tell you about the musical instrument I play, one very important jazz musician, and a survey that I have created about different types of music.

The instrument I play is the alto saxophone.  I have been playing alto saxophone for a bit more than three years.  I started playing saxophone in grade 7.  I needed to choose an instrument and I enjoyed jazz music and the sound of the saxophone.  Now, I am in the intermediate concert band and intermediate jazz band and I’m enjoying it.  I also.  In the future, I want to try out a different type of saxophone.  If you didn’t
know, there are four main types of saxophones.  Soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone.  I want to try learning the soprano saxophone because even though it is a saxophone, It looks and reminds me more of a clarinet.

For one of the challenges, we had to research an artist.  I decided I wanted to research Louis Armstrong.  Louis Armstrong was the most influential jazz musician of all time.  He was born in 1901 in New Orleans.  He was born into a poor family.  At a young age, he dropped out of school to play in a music quartet.  Louis Armstrong played the trumpet and sung.  He later found good tutors and connections that helped him gain popularity.  That’s where his love for music started.    Louis Armstrong was considered one of the first Jazz Soloist.  Louis Armstrong came to write many popular songs such as “What A Wonderful World”, “Go Down Moses”, and “When The Saints”.  He died due to a heart attack in 1971.  Without Louis Armstrong, Jazz music wouldn’t be as popular and influential as it is today.


For another one of the challenges, I had to make a survey.  For this survey, I asked questions about how music makes you feel and what type of music you enjoy listening to.  It will be interesting when looking at the data to find out what variety of music other people like to listen too.  Click here to participate in the survey I’ve created.

I hope that from reading this, you’ve learned something about music.  I think that music is great because there is a type of music for everyone out there.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.  👋

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