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SBC Week 6 | Emojis 🙂

Hey guys, this is yet again, another student blogging challenge post.  This week’s post is all about emojis!  We did this for the student blogging challenge post last year so this year I’m going to change up some of the challenges.  I created an emoji guessing game, emoji math, and my emoji.

For our first challenge, we had to make an Emoji Guessing Game.  I chose to make an emoji movie guessing game.  They’re three different movies ranging from easy, medium, and hard.  If you have the answer, comment it down below.  Enjoy!


🕷👱‍♂️ = ?


😡 🐦 🐷 🥚 = ?

🚢🌊❄️ = ?

For our second challenge, we had to create emoji math.  I remember doing this before last year.  Last year’s emojis math was pretty tough so this year I decided to make it a bit more simple.  If you find out the answer, comment it down below.  Enjoy!

🏀 + 🏀 = 16

🐥 x 🏀 = 40

🏀 – 🏀 + 🐥 + ♟ = 67

🧩 + 🏀 x 🏀 = 222

🧩 + 🏀 x 🏀 – 🐥 x ♟ = ?

For our third challenge, we were required to create our emoji.  I chose to make my own I don’t know emoji.  There are already two different “I don’t know” emojis (😐 🤷‍♂️).   I think that the other two emojis dont display “I don’t know” well enough.  I wanted a regular yellow circle emoji, but I liked the idea of the shrug with the hands.  I decided to combine them together!  I used photoshop on the iPad to create my version of the IDK emoji.  Enjoy!

This is the end of this blog post.  I hope you enjoyed playing my emoji games.  Make sure to comment below the answers you got and your idea for your emoji.  Also, comment on any feedback you would like to give me.  The next blog post I write will most likely be another student blogging challenge post.  Bye  👋


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