For our project, we had to choose a live event or any event were attending and create a short documentary of it.  This documentary had to include different types of video effects such as time-lapse, slow-mo, and still photos with Ken Burns. Live events can be any event whether it‘s going to a show, having a basketball practice, or playing an instrument in a concert.  A live event can be any event you attend or participate in.  There were many steps that went into the production of this short video.  There were also many great moments that contributed to my video in making it better, and issues and problems that I had to workaround.  Each one of these tasks has helped develop and improve becoming an empowered learner, creative communicator, and navigate ideas.

When choosing a live event, I had a lot of options.  I had many upcoming band practices and even a recital that I could document.  To help navigate my ideas, I created a bullet point list using notability in order to organize myself and try to find the best idea.  This helped a lot and I eventually found my idea!  While looking at my list and going through my schedule, I realized that I was actually going to a Cirque Du Soleil show on the weekend.  Cirque Du Soleil is the most popular circus entertainment company in the world.  What started out as 20 street performers went on to become the greatest circus in the world.  This was my first time seeing one of these shows and I thought it would be great to document my first reactions to attending the show.  Now that I had my idea, I needed to plan for the creation of my video.

You need a lot more than just an idea to create a short video or documentary.  You need a plan or something to look back at when you don’t know what shots to get or what line to say.  I needed to create an action plan.  An action plan is just a simple list of shots that you need to take, what lines are you going to say either on camera or as a voice-over, and even in my case interview questions.  I listed some of the shots that I needed to get and how they would fit with the editing necessities.  For my voice over, I created somewhat of a screenplay template and wrote down what I would say and what would appear on the screen.  This ended up helping a lot when it came to editing.  For the interview, I decided to interview my mom, since she was at the event and she as seen Cirque du Soleil shows previous to this event.  Using all these tools and the right applications and technology, I was able to devise a plan, in order to organize, understand, and achieve an amazing final product.

After I got all of my shots, voice-overs, and interviews done for the video, it was time to put it all together.  I really enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil show and I was already thinking of cool effects that I could add while watching the show.  I had a great time putting all of the clips together and adding in all of the effects.  I felt that in the end, I became a better creative communicator from the construction process of the video.  Here is my live event video on Cirque Du Soleil Luzia!

When reflecting back on the work that I’ve completed, I think I did an excellent job.  Not only was I able to create an awesome video, but I was also able to strengthen my knowledge and understanding of the ISTE standards.  I was able to become a stronger empowered learned by using technology and tools such as creating an action plan and a screenplay to improve my final product.  I was also able to use it to further develop my ability in using technology to stay more organized, clean, and consistent in order to reach my goals.  I furthered my understanding of being a better creative communicator by learning about all of the editing features, tools, and styles I can use to improve my video.  I’ve become better at navigating my ideas through the use of technology and planning using notability.  This will help me in the future with not only planning ideas but plannings future goals as well.  All of these competencies are helping me become a stronger learner and because of this project, I have furthered my knowledge of the competencies and am on the path to becoming an even stronger learner.