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SBC Week 8 | Let’s Reflect!

Hey guys, welcome to the final Student blogging challenge post.  It’s time to reflect on all the amazing blog posts I’ve written.  In this post, I’m going to talk about three things.  I’m going to talk about the things I’ve enjoyed about SBC and ways that they can improve next year, I’m going to reflect on my pasts blog posts and some of my favourites, and my blogging plans in the future.  Enjoy!

This was my second time participating in the student blogging challenge and I enjoyed it.  I think that last year was better for me just because it was my first experience so everything was new and exciting and I liked some of the blog topics from last year.  Nonetheless, this years SBC was also pretty great.  I enjoyed the choose your own topic post because it was interesting to visit other people’s blogs and find out what their interests and hobbies are.  It was always fun when you find a topic similar to yours and you can have a fun chat in the comments.  I think that there should be more opportunities like this to show your interests too the blogging world.  Even though I might not be doing SBC in school next year, it may be fun to pop in and check out some of the blogger’s blog posts.

From looking back at all of the blog posts I’ve written, I think my two favourites were the choose your own and the music SBC posts.  For the choose your own blog post I talked about my interest in programming and how I started programming and how i’m getting better.  In the music post, I talked about my interest in music, the type of instrument and music I play, and some of my favourite artists.  What both of these posts have in common is that they’re both passion of mine that I want to continue learning and getting better at.  I enjoy writing posts like this and I think everyone else in the student blogging challenge does as well.

This is not the end of writing blogs for me.  I need to write blog posts in school about different projects we’re learning, but I also may write some posts about different movies I’ve watched, places I’ve visited, or passions and interests.  I enjoy writing blog posts and I’m not going to stop.  I hope that I can take what I’ve learned about writing blog posts from the student blogging challenge, and continue to develop those skills as I continue blogging.  Goodbye For Now 👋

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