Atoms bond together.  When atoms bond, their chemical nature changes based on their electron arrangement.  Our assignment was to create an animated video explaining how atoms bond together.  We needed to show how atoms and ions can act as characters.  Throughout the project, I had to show the competencies of Processing, Analyzing, and Communicating.

Processing and Analyzing

I was able to show processing and analyzing through my mind map and my animation video.  The mind map was created to help me organize my thought.  These thoughts could be questions, ideas, or even small notes.  Through constructing a diagram of my ideas, I was able to better analyze not only how atoms bond but also the steps in completing the project.

With the animation video, I was able to show my processing and analyzing skills through my bonding.  I was able to take a polyatomic ion and a multivalent metal and show how they can combine and form an ionic bond.  Not only that, but I was also able to show out atoms create a covalent bond.  Although I had some problems with this competency at first, I was able to use resources such as my mind map to correct the mistakes I made.


I showed my skills in communication through my voice-overs and editing.  I was able to create clear and understandable voice-overs. These voice-overs could be understood by an audience with a lack of knowledge on the topic of atomic bonding.  I used different strategies such as the choice of words and animations.  I tried to make sure that I explained it as simple as possible.  I still used scientific words such as the names of each group on the periodic table, but I explained it in a way that everyone can understand.  I kept my explanation on bonding simple and showed a simple animation that everyone could relate to.  Celebrating the holidays!

Editing also helped strongly show the communication competency.  I was able to synchronize clear voice-overs to make the voice lines match up with the animation.  I used the editing feature in explain everything, but I also used other technological strategies such as using Imovie to edit.  I then added in music that edited small details that helped better communicate my animation to an audience.

Big Idea

The big idea for this project was ”the electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature.”  I was able to answer this question through my animation.  I was able to show this through my explanation of ionic and covalent bonding.  Through my visual animation, I showed how electrons transfer to other atoms to form bonds.  In my animation, because the arrangement of atoms changed, their chemical nature changes leading them to bond together.

Now, I am not only able to explain how atoms bond to an audience, but I am also stronger at processing, analyzing, and communicating.  With the new knowledge I have obtained from developing each competency, I am now able to take those ideas and strategies and apply them to future projects.