In class, we’re looking at historical significance, memes, and nationalism. Were trying to understand what all of this is while trying to answer our driving question. For this project, our driving questions is “How can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?”. To fully answer this question we need to complete all of our project milestones. The milestone/assignment I’m going to be talking about in this post is “Meme Of The Moment”!

For our assignment, we had to look at the social media app “TikTok”. We had to do some research to gain a better understanding of what is a meme and how to create a tiktok. After that, in a group, we had to create three different tiktoks in three different categories. The categories were Memes, Dance Trends, and Creative Effects. Before I go into the tiktoks we created, I want to give you a better understanding of what the social media app tiktok really is.

TikTok is a social media app where you can share videos with people online. Most of the time, these videos have music playing in the background that has to do with whats in the video. The videos are usually memes, lip-syncs, or even talent videos. Like any social media app, whatever goes viral everyone tries to recreate. You could make your unique video of you doing a little dance or have a funny caption that will lead it to go viral. If it does, most likely others will copy it and it will spread throughout the internet. The three ticks that I made with my group are all copies of other viral tiktok videos.

1# Roddy Ricch Meme:  This is the first tiktok I made with my group. I would say that this tiktok falls under the meme category. In this tiktok, we copy another viral tiktok that did the same thing. The meme is about a music artist named “Roddy Ricch” who made the song “The Box”.  The box is the #1 song in the world right now. In the box, you hear a sound at the beginning that sounds almost like a squeaking noise. We took inspiration from someone who interpreted the squeaking as a door squeak. We interpreted it as a window wiping squeak. The joke is that Roddy Ricch got the inspiration for this song from a squeaking sound. Then, the producer shows up and is throwing up hand gestures to turn on the microphone and record this song. Heres our interpretation of the viral meme. Enjoy! (We only realized that there was swearing in the song the next day we watched it and handed it in. *Sorry*)


2# Just Dance Meme:  This is the second tiktok I made with my group. This tiktok falls under the dance trend category. In this video, my friend and I reenact a viral tiktok video. The viral tiktok video is about a family. The two parents are talking about divorce while the kid is minding his business playing just dance. We recreated that but made it a bit less heated. We joked around when making the parents fighting scene and instead of it saying “fighting about divorce” we just said “fighting”. We ended up adding a part where it looked like my friend was throwing a bag at himself.  Instead, we had it cut to my friend as a different character and my other friend behind the camera throwing the bag. The comedic part is when we throw light on the dark moment and when the beat of the song drops it shows me dancing with the caption “me downstairs trying to get 5 stars on just dance”. This could also be considered a meme but because we had the dancing in the video we decided to consider it as a dance trend. Enjoy!


3# WW3 Meme:  This is the third tiktok I made with my group. This tiktok falls under the creative effect category. This tiktok is also a copy to the meme about people getting drafted to world war 3. This was caused by Trump’s actions with Iran and it’s trying to turn it into a funny joke. The meme is about how if people get drafted in the U.S, they can use the skills they’ve learned from playing video games such as CSGO, Rainbow Six Seige, and Call Of Duty to win the war. We recreated this viral meme but added our music and our favourite video games to play. When adding the creative effect, we chose to use the multi-body effect that makes it look like there are many other clones of you around you. This was to display the Iran soldiers. Enjoy!

Those were all of the tiktoks we made.  I really enjoyed our final product in the end and doing this assignment.  I liked how much freedom we had and how much creativity we were able to put into it.  I hope you enjoyed watching our tiktoks and maybe now you might try making your own.  Maybe it could go viral!  👋