What are polynomials?  What is a like term?  How can I incorporate coding in future project?  I answer all of these questions by combining them all together into one project!  This project was all about polynomials and how objects organize in the mathematical/physical world.  We had to create own driving question and project that incorporates polynomials.  We decided to organize mathematics in the digital world.

For our project, we coded a 2D game using the software unity for the front end. (Part of a game that the user interacts with.  Usually the user interface) and C# which is a programming language for the back end (part of a game that’s not accessed by the user.  This is usually the code) of the game.  I worked well with my group members Anders, and Matthew to complete the project.    Here are a few photos of the code for our polynomial math game!

Even though the code may look complex, it very simple. Learning about the code was probably one of my favourite parts of this project.  I learned how I can use code in the projects that I do and how I can incorporate math into a game.  The most difficult task in creating the game was combining polynomials into our game.  We had to create a panel to appear after you click a button.  Each button you’d click would open a different panel.  This was almost like a puzzle to figure out and took many days.  We were able to create a working game with math in the end.

Understanding and Solving:

I think that for this project, I did well at understanding and solving throughout the creation of our game.  I applied this competency through the code that I wrote.  When debugging the code, we had to figure out why the code wasn’t working just from an error message.  I also used this competency when brainstorming how I was going to incorporate math into the game.  I needed to figure out how the UI was going to look and how I was going to code it.  I think I needed to work better on understanding and solving through polynomials.  I am confident in solving a polynomial question, but sometimes I get confused or miss little details that affect my answer.

Communicating and representing:

When presenting what we made, we were enthusiastic and tried to engage the audience as best as we could.  Coding is something my group members and I are all passionate about and we enjoyed working together in creating this final game.  We could have used more polynomial vocabulary such as terms, coefficients, and exponents.  We could have done this by either adding different types of math questions that had to do with finding the term or coefficient in an exponent.  Next time, I will make sure that what I make includes all of the different types of vocabulary it needs to have.

Connecting and reflecting:

We were able to connect math to our interests. Like I said before, we love coding and I try to incorporate it into as many projects as I can.  I’m trying to learn more so that in the future I can do even more with it and maybe I could create something even more complex.

Applying and innovating:

I think that there were times in class where I got distracted.  This might just be because I’m working with my friends and we were just having fun, but I need to make sure I use my class time more efficiently next time.  I will do this by tuning out the distractions.  Even though it was a group project, we all knew what needed to get done and we all had our parts to work on.  I can do this by either listening to music or moving somewhere away from distractions.

Overall, I think my group created a great final product.  We were able to successfully create a math game that included polynomials.  I learned more about both polynomials, like terms, and coding.  I hope that in the future there are more projects like these where we have the freedom in creating our driving question and incorporating the main topic into our project however we’d like.