Well, were back again with another destination imagination blog post (Check out last years DI post here). Last year’s destination imagination went pretty smoothly and I think that we did pretty well. Now that was in grade 9 doing it again, the competition is better and the expectations are higher than ever. Recently we had our DI regional tournament. I’m going to be telling you all of the events that led to the tournament. I’ll also talk about the goods, bads, and things I’ve learned from participating in this year’s DI competition. Heres how it went!

This year, our challenge was the fine arts challenge. It was called “Picture This”. In this challenge, we had to choose a famous picture online and create an 8-minute presentation all about this photo. I was working in a group with Anders, Holly, Asha, and Liam to create a final solution before regionals. Before we did this though, we decided as a team to name ourselves Hype Soup! We
were able to solve problems and work through issues together. I’m going to talk about some of the goods things we did, the bad things we did, and what we learned in preparation for regionals!


Our team did pretty well managing our time for each assignment. We communicated well with each other at school which help all focused on the task and understand what work needs to be done.

Our team was also very well at throwing ideas on to the table no matter how weird they were. This worked well because we then looked at all of those ideas and sorted them out to find the best ideas. We decided to vote on some of our favourite ideas as a way to decide which idea we use.


There were times where we didn’t communicate too well. This was mainly for the instant challenge. We realized that the solution to this was to make sure we had a leader that everyone was aware of. It’s also someone who can stop the discussion when we’re running out of time.

There were times in our discussions where we dragged things on for to longs. We were so focused on completing one thing, we forgot about the rest of the work we had to complete. We needed to find a better way to come to a consensus. We also needed to work on better managing our time. Once we figure this out, we can keep track of what we’ve got done, and what needs to get done.

For Provincials:

For provincials, one of the things we need to work on is organization. When we were supposed to check in to the challenge, we weren’t ready. We should have all been there in our costumes with all of our props already moved. This is slightly linked to our team’s communication but also our abilities to plan. To be better prepared for provincials, we need to start making plans ahead of time for when we’re meeting and what we’re doing at what time. The more detailed our plan is, the stronger it will be!

The other thing we need to work on is communication. Our communication started ok and slowly got worse. There were times when we were constructing things where lack of communication caused problems. These issues were later resolved but we need to create a solution for this. I think that our solution should be that we designate a certain amount of time before the class ends to just discuss our plan for what’s going on and how everyone’s going to get stuff done.

Overall, our actual competition went pretty well. Although we were a bit late and unprepared, we still managed to pull off a decent performance. There were a few slip-ups because of lack of communication but they weren’t recognized by the audience that much. We didn’t pick up our score sheet but thankfully our team managers picked it up for us. The sticky notes the adjudicators gave us weren’t exactly what we expected. When looking at the score, we realized we have a lot to work on. Hopefully, Hype Soup can pull off an even better performance at the DI Provincial tournament!