Welcome to yet again, another designation imagination blog post. In the last blog post I wrote, I talked about the Regional Tournament. This blog post was originally going to be about our provincial DI tournament, but there have been some slight changes. As everyone knows, we are living through a global pandemic that limits us for big social gatherings such as events like the DI provincial tournament. Of course, that doesn’t stop PLP! Our teachers were able to set up our way to have the destination imagination tournament that still worked the same way but that includes the idea of social distancing.

We took DI and put a modern and technological twist onto it. We presented our DI performances online! At first, this was a bit of a surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting DI provincials to be happening but it was. We were told that we should rehearse and practice at least two times so we got our group together to start rehearsing.

We rehearse using  an app called zoom, which is an app where you can video call almost like FaceTime, but it has features like raising your hand and reactions that make it more like a classroom. We started by working out the problems that we had. We realized that we didn’t have any props, or backgrounds so we had to get creative. One of our group members was able to create one that was similar to the other one we had. We also searched google for good rustic house backgrounds. Also, over the spring break, I was in charge of working on the music. There wasn’t much to change so I added some more piano chords onto the music and that made it sound better.  After we got everything ready, we started rehearsing.

What Went Well:

For rehearsal, what went well was our communication. We were able to help each other out because some of us were slightly confused with the short notice online tournament. We were able to help one of our group members with his new lines and we were able to help each other with parts of the script we didn’t remember. We also did well at working with queues for each other Which helped smooth out our performance.

  • Outside Backdrop

What We Could Have Done Better At:

I think for next time we need to work on staying focused. There were times where we were really into what we were doing, and there were times where we weren’t. Once we got off track, it was difficult to get back on track. This slowed us down and made the process of rehearsing longer. For next time, I think we should take more breaks in between rehearsing because that lets us refresh for a bit and then get back on task.

The actual tournament went pretty well. It was weird because you could see that there were audience members but you couldn’t see their faces. We presented just like we rehearsed and when it was over, our group was relieved and happy with our performance. I think we did better than our regional performance which I didn’t expect.

Overall, I think I learned from the experience of how to better work around problems. There were a lot of last-second problems that my group and I were able to solve. I’m pretty happy for how our group did this year in DI and I’m hoping that I can better take all the knowledge from this year and last year and bring it to my team in next year’s DI tournament.