Welcome!  This is my grade 9 TPOL or Transitional Presentation Of Learning.  In my presentation, I’m going talk a bit about all of the different PLP subjects I have and some of the work that I’ve done that I’m proud of.  With each piece of work, i’m going to talk about the good things I’ve learned from completing the work, and some things i’ve learned I need to work on.  These subjects include Scimatics, Humanities, Maker, PGP.  In the end, there will be time for question about my presentation and how I can improve my learning. Enjoy!


Humanities: The Great War

Our Great War project was focus all on World War 1.  Our driving question for this project was “how can exploring stories and text help us understand the impact of WW1 on Canada’s identity?”  We had to look at how Canadians were impacted by the war and their perspective during the war.  Along with that, we had to each individually research a World War 1 topic, and a soldier that fought in the war.  For my topic, I decided to choose the Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  The soldier that I chose was actually my great grandfather.  Our final product was a World War 1 book made by our class from all of the stories that we researched.

Our book was made on an app called book creator.  I had to do a lot of research on Archduke Ferdinand and how his death led to world war 1 unfolding.  I think throughout this project, I got very good at collecting information, organization, and formatting.  I had to visit many different sources to create my part of the book.  I used a strategy of gathering all of the information and putting it into little bullet points.  I then separated them into different part for my book and formatted them so the final product looked nice.  I learned from this project that I need to work on time management.  I think that I spend to long with some of the part to the project such as brainstorming what I wanted my book to look like.  Instead, I’ve now learned that I need to spend less time organizing what I want it to look like, and work on creating it and organizing it while I develop a first draft.


Scimatics: Like Terms

Our scimatics like terms project is all about polynomials.    For this project, we got to design our own driving question.  Along with learning about polynomials, we had to work in a group of three to create a game that involves polynomials.  I worked with Matthew and Anders to complete this project.  Our idea was to create a simple game where you play as a ball and collect little balls that are points.  To score even more points, you have to answer polynomial questions.  If you dont answer them in a certain amount of time, you have to restart. We created the game using Unity and coded the game in C#.  Our driving question was ”how can we code a 2D game that involves like terms and algebra tiles?”.

This was a very fun project because we had a lot of creativity on what we could do.  I think that as a group, we did really well at brainstorming ideas for what we wanted to make and how we wanted the game to look.  I did really good on that project with creating roles that each of us needed to do.  We each had a part to complete for the project, whether that be code or designing a player.  I think that moving forward, I need to work on communication with group members.  In class, we usually were all working on our own individual part for the project.  There were a few times where we checked in with each other, but not as many times as there should have been.  This led to some peoples work not being complete and having to work around those problems.  Even though there were problems, we were able to work them out by all working together on them.


PGP: Believe In Good: The 7 Habits

In PGP, we are revisiting the seven habits of highly effective teens which we looked at in grade 8.  Our driving question is “How can I be my most effective self?”  For our project, were looking at how we can use the habits to help ourselves be more effective humans.  For our project, we could do whatever we want.  We had the opportunity to show our steps in learning however we wanted.  I’ve definitely learned a lot because of this.

For this project, we looked at all of the different habits.  In my photo, I have one of my examples for what I made to show my learning.  In this example, I am connecting paradigms, paradigm shifts, and principles to the coronavirus.  I did really good in this one at being creative and putting in extra research along with what I learned about the seven habits.  I think that with my different examples, I should have been more creative with what I did and branched out more.  I hope to do this with my final product where I show my learning with all of the habits.


Maker: Blue Sky 2020 Exhibition

In a couple of days, we are doing another blue sky exhibition.  Im pretty proud of what I created and I think that I’ve learned a lot from it.  Our driving question is “Using one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, how would you solve a problem facing our community/province/world?”  Similar to last years end of the year blue sky, we have to create something that can help the world.  This year, we focused a lot on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to our project.  Some examples of these goals would be like no poverty, quality education, life on land, and more.  For my project, I decided to follow the life on land, and renewable energy goals.  Im going to create a smoke detector but more suitable for detecting wildfires.  This smoke detector will also be powered by a solar panel.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve learned a lot not only about arduino and coding, but also time management.  For this project, I did really well at staying focused and not giving up.  There were many software problems along the way that I was able to fix because of this.  The problems that I faced on the way had to do with time management.  Some of the problems I faced were very difficult and time consuming.  This led to me putting all of my focus on this project, and not enough on the other assignments that I have.  I didn’t realize I did this until this project but now that I know, in the future I’m going to try and set limits for how much I work on one piece of work.

That’s The End! Thanks For Listening!