Who do you think is the greatest Canadian? There are many great Canadians. There’s Terry Fox, Tommy Douglas, and so many more. Now think about what makes all of these Canadians great. It may have been an achievement they’ve made or the impact they’ve left on Canada. There are so many great Canadians in the world, it’s difficult to choose who’s the greatest. For this project, our driving question was Who Is The Greatest Canadian? I tried to answer this question with one of my own questions being who is the greatest Canadian in the tech world?

This project was all about learned who is worth remembering and why do we remember them. We had to determine who we thought was the Greatest Canadian. After we found the greatest Canadian, we would be creating a podcast episode that tells a story about this person. We will be telling our listeners why we think our Canadian is the greatest and what the person has done that is so great. To help support our claim, we will also have to interview someone who knows a bit about this Canadian.

This podcast required me to complete many different milestones to get to a decent looking final product. With each milestone, we had to think about how we could follow the two main competencies. These competencies were Comprehending Text, and Establish Historical Significance, and being an Empowered Learner. I’m going to tell you two of the milestones that I thought I did well in showing my strengths in those competencies. I will also show my final product and the places where you can listen to my complete podcast episode.

Milestone 2:  How Can I Use Story Structure To Prove The Significance Of My Individual?

Milestone 2 was one of the milestones that I thought helped me answer the driving question. For this milestone, we had to start to structure a story based on our greatest Canadian. I already chose Tobias Lutke for this project who is the CEO of shopify. This milestone helped me structure Tobias Lutke’s life story. This not only helped me with structuring my podcast topics but also helped me understand his significance. There was only a small amount of information, but this helped me start to see points and arguments that I could make to carry out my point on why I think he’s the greatest Canadian.


I showed my understandings of the competency’s through this milestone because I showed that I can establish Historical Significance. I showed that I can find and choose the actions of my greatest Canadian life and organize them into a story that proves why he’s the greatest Canadian.

Milestone 3:  How do I Prove The Individual I’ve Chosen Holds Historical Significance? 

The research part of the project helped me understand my greatest Canadian better. I got to write down any notes that I found online and got to organize them. This helped me find more significant points that I could use to claim that my Canadian was the greatest. With all of my research, I was able to see how I could start to structure a podcast episode with this. I had information from Tobias Lutke’s early life, all the way to his life now.


I showed my understandings of the competency’s through this milestone because I showed that I can comprehend text. I showed this through my research on my greatest Canadian. I organized all of my ideas into a story for my podcast. Along with that, I used text features such as photos for my research to help better organize my ideas and understand my greatest Canadian.

Milestone 5:  How Can I Revise My Podcast For My Audience? 

This was the milestone where we finish off our podcast episodes. Before we did that, we had to do a lot of peer critique to helps us revise our podcast to make it the best it could be. I talked a lot about our critique in my most recent weekly blog post. We got a lot of critique on our podcasts which helped me see what I needed to work on. I was able to know if my audio was too quiet or something sounded off. I was also able to know if some part of my story wasn’t sounding right or if I didn’t get the point across good enough on why I thought Tobias Lutke was the greatest Canadian. After some critique, I was able to fix up my podcast to tell the best story of the greatest Canadian that I could have. If you want to hear the podcast episode, click here.


I showed my understandings of the competency’s through this milestone because I showed that I can be an Empowered Learner. I showed this through my podcast episode. Using technology and different applications such as GarageBand, Voice Memos, and numbers, I was able to construct all of my knowledge of Tobias Lutke into a podcast episode.

Looking back at the driving question “Who Is The Greatest Canadian”, I think that I can now determine how to answer this question. There isn’t just 1 Greatest Canadian, there are so many that have changed the world in so many different ways. For example, Alexander Graham Bell has changed the world from inventing the first telephone. Terry Fox changed the world through his run across Canada. Both of these Canadians could be considered the greatest Canadian. I’ve learned that when you’re trying to determine someone’s significance and if they’re the greatest Canadian, you have to look at the selfless acts that they’ve done that have affected people around the world. That’s what makes someone a great Canadian.