Disney became a huge hit in the 1950’s and started taking over the world.  After the second war, soldiers went back to their families.  This was the start of the baby boom.  With many families getting married, having children, and spending time together, a lot of families were watching television.  With Disneys release of Cinderella, families across America were on there televisions enjoying the movie with their families.

With every Disney movie from the 50’s and to this day, all of them end with a happy ending.  Why is this?  Well, with all of the soldiers coming back from the war, they didn’t want to think about all of the sorrow and sad memories from the war.  People wanted to escape the war, not be reminded of it.

Also, it was a really happy time and there were a lot of little children.  Disney was not trying to make something that would cause children and family to cry and be sad.  They wanted something that would bring families together.