Hey, it’s time for another weekly reflection. This week in school, we looked at different ways of entertainment in the 1950s. More specifically, we looked at outdoor activities and games that kids would play in the 1950s. Television was just starting to become popular in the 1950s although some families could not afford one. That meant that the kids would have to find their way of entertaining themselves.

In class, we looked at four different games. Those games were hopscotch, kick the can, mother, may I, and button, button, who’s got the button. I worked in the hopscotch group and learned a lot about the game. I learned that you can play hopscotch with a group of people. You gain points by throwing an object on one of the numbers and hopping on every square while picking up the object and hopping back.

I also learned that hopscotch was originally a military training exercise. Hopscotch courts were over 100 feet long. Soldiers had to carry heavy weights and objects while completing this hopscotch court. This would help with their footwork. It’s interesting how a military exercise turned into a pastime entertainment in the 1950s.

Now, when you think about past times today, everyone is on their phone or some sort of electronic device. Unlike the 1950s, the whole world is now digitalized and everyone is on some sort of device. For me, some of my favourite past times are watching videos or playing video games with friends. In the 1950s, the closest thing that they had to that was television. There was only a couple of Channel so sometimes kids would have to find something else to do if they didn’t want to watch what was being played. Now, you’re able to find any video you want at any time.

Past times in the 1950s are completely different from what they are today. Some of the activities that they did in the 1950s people still do today such as hopscotch. Although, a lot of stuff is now digitalized and activities today are all digital. I think that digital activities are a great thing but they can also be something unhealthy. It’s better to socialize and be outside than it is to look down on your phone. I think that the digital world has brought a lot of benefits to past time and activities today, but also lots of negatives.