Hey! In this blog post, I’m going to be talking about our latest activity in class. In class, our final project is to create a campaign video for our political parties that were creating. Last week in class we were creating our political parties and deciding what our values are, our mission, and what makes us unique from the rest of the parties.

The name of our party is Alpha Vert. Our party believes in a future with renewable energy, a strong economy, and a more simple electoral system. Our party is more left-winged progressive on the political spectrum. We want to reorganize the budget to cut unnecessary expenses and focus that money on more important issues.

Some of our values are:

Climate Action: We want to solve climate change issues by promoting renewable energy.

Stable Economy: We want to work on improving our economy without harming the environment.

Simpler Electoral System: We feel that there are flaws to our current electoral system and we think that our new electoral system can fix some of those issues.

Our party has similarities with the Green Party, but there are many things that all make our party unique and different. We believe that climate change is a very important issue that should be focused on more. What makes us different from the Green Party is our ideas and the ways that we are going to help slow down climate change. 

We’re planning to encourage people to drive electricity by adding more charging stations for electric cars. We also want an incentive for Canadians to drive electric so we’re going to help by increasing cash back for trading in your gas car. Along with that, we want to have all electrical public transportation systems such as buses and sky trains across Canada. Another thing that is unique about us is that we want to start investing in companies that deal with renewable energy.

Also, our party feels that the Canadian budget could be funded for better things to improve the future for Canadians. We want to cut down expenses that we feel are unnecessary and use that money to put them into our renewable energy plan.

In my last blog post, I talked about some of the pros and cons of our electoral system. The Alpha Vert party has a plan to change our electoral system. We plan to recreate the Canadian electoral system to make it more simple and make sure every vote counts. 

This new system is called the three-party government cycle. How it works is that three parties will be able to run in an election. Canadians who vote for The party with the most votes automatically form a majority government. The party with the second most votes will stay and can run in the next election. The party with the least amount of votes will be cycled out and the winning party will choose the next party to run. Below is a visual that shows how the new electoral system works.

The reason for this change is that we think that having multiple governments in parliament can lead to more conflicts in ideas and make decision making more complicated.  With a majority government, it helps speed up certain decisions that need to be made quickly. Party’s can come to a decision without other parties opposing.

Also, I’m working in a group with Noah, Asha, Thomas, and Kaden. They also have written blog posts about our political party. If you were interested in this post, I recommend you read their blog about Alpha Vert as well to help better understand what this party is all about!