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My Unauthorized FPOL

School is over, summer is upon us, and my journey with PLP has come to a close… but something is off. Something doesn’t feel right, finished, or closed. After some deliberation I realized it is that at the end of… Continue Reading →


Good Morning homeowners, this post is about something that I am very passionate about. Our world. As we live in this time of hand sanitizer and homemade masks, though it is so very easy to forget, we must still remember the… Continue Reading →

Vision Break

Good morning all you podcast lovers, bloggers, internet surfers, and those wishing to learn more about indigenous rights. Welcome to a place of learning, and a place of catching up on sleep. That’s what I need for my post-production process!… Continue Reading →

A Comedic Tragedy (Romeo and Juliet Parody)

Good morning fellow Shakespearean enthusiasts, PLPeople, bloggers, and those lost down an internet rabbit hole. Today is the day for Shakespeare, theatre, hyperboles, and as always… really really REALLY short deadlines! Alike in Dignity Both the name to the play… Continue Reading →

Salt to the Sea

Intro Good morning fellow people! Recently in PLP, we have finished a rather exiting project about the end of WW2. It resulted in some rather amazing book trailers made by my peers and myself. My team consisted of Caleb, Alex, Jordyn,… Continue Reading →

How Does Poetry Teach Us About Revolutions In Society?

Understanding Poetry Firstoff, to understand how poetry teaches us, we must understand poetry. One of the main things for understanding poetry, is to understand the language used to describe it. We all were given 2 poetry terms to create a… Continue Reading →

Ode to John Maynard Keynes

Good morning everyone! This past term, my class has been looking into the interwar years. We learned about the, specific topics, made essays about them, and then taught the class in any way we liked. It involved a lot of… Continue Reading →

Take Your Kid To Work Day!

Good morning all people! Recently I shadowed my friend’s dad for take your kid to work day. I learned many things about creating your own business, technology companies, and Michrotech Service Corps. Video This video was made to show you… Continue Reading →

The Stanley Cup in Sixty Seconds

Good morning fellow hockey fans, Canadians, those of the PLP program, and well basically anyone… whoever you might be I am sure that you know the power of a team. During this project we have emphasized how much hockey brings… Continue Reading →

Matter cycles Matter

Matter Cycles… The world is made of matter, matter is basically just another more scientific word for “stuff”. Through that, matter cycles are “stuff cycles”, and there are a whole bunch of types. Take oxygen for example, oxygen is a… Continue Reading →

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